getting divorced---and my husband took my purses!!!

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  1. ahh...not only is getting divorced (at 20!) sad...but to make matters worse!!!! my husband took my purses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1 coach
    3 gucci's

    it's so sad...:sad: everyone told me to just replace's still upsetting that he would sink that low and steal them?

    gah-i'm happy with my decision to get divorced because i feel it is the best thing for me...but i am still sad to see how low my husband has sunk during the process...he took everythinggggggg from our house, but my parents are telling me to let him take everything, they'll just replace it...i just need to get him out of my life, which is true...BUT HE TOOK MY PURSES!!!

    gah-ok, i'm done venting :smile:

  2. Wow that is the saddest thing I have heard all day. What exactly is he going to do with them? Sell them? I don't know too much about divorce law but that just doesn't sound right! Its nice of your parents to say they'll replace everything but he shouldn't just get away with it, I hope he gets what he deserves for being such a dick!
  3. haha yes i do too!!!

    yeaaa he took all my crap to sell it!! and not only that, he took stuff that he doesnt even like...and he was getting his friends to help him move out and was GIVING away my stuff for free...just so i wouldnt have it??? blah im so nice---i would WANT to divorce me just for the sake of me being the best...and hes taking advantage of it---but then again, that was our marriage! :sad:
  4. Did you guys have an agreement before marriage? Its not right that hes doing that, I'm not sure its worth going to small claims over, but he definitely needs to get punished. No class at all.
  5. I'm still stunned. There must be something you can do about it if you consult a lawyer... no?
    If he sold joint assets/property, there should be a 50/50 split. Consider legal counsel?
  6. He just knew this would realy get under your skin..........In my younger days I'm now 33 but if I was 20 I would say "F*ck him up"!!!!!! but now that I'm older....... take something of his!!...... and if he wants to start to play dirty, well.......remember things happen for a reason and you will come out a better person and you will be stronger, you will get through this., I was divorced at 24, now that I look back I't was all for the best.......yes it's hard, but I 'm now married to a wonderful great man who I love dearly!! Good Luck to you!!
  7. Im so sorry about this- i have 2 parents who are slowly trying to run each other to the ground and it seems like he is just trying to get at you. My only advice? Get a lawyer. Now. :-]]
  8. Rehana,

    i don't know where you are physically. but if u are in the US, i believe he can't just take stuff like that. it's assets still and they need to be split.

    pls go get a lawyer.

    hugs to you

  9. Thats awful - it seems rather pathetic. Just be grateful you are out of there!

    Seriously being based in the UK - I have no idea about the law but seeking legal advice seems like a good move.:smile:
  10. Sorry honey. I'm an attorney and here are my 2 cents:
    1. purses=yours (are you keeping his golf clubs or his tools??? Nah ah)
    2. everything in the house=50-50 half yours, half his (he can't take everything without giving you at least half the monetary value.

    That's the way it is in my neck of the woods, and without knowing all the details. RUN TO A LAWYER< YOU HAVE RIGHTS!!!
  11. Absolutely like everyone has said get a lawyer. Your husband has stooped so low, he is a thief! My goodness, I hope he didn't take your wedding band, jewellery or other such valuables too.
  12. OH, HELL NO... not the bags. He is out of line, girl. Go and get a lawyer or get a hold of something precious to him and offer a swap. Nice and clean.:idea:
  13. I'm so sorry to hear about that. I would definitely fight what's going on, legally that is. If it was anything but a divorce I would say just let it be, but because half of the stuff is yours, he is definitely playing dirty. If he wants to play mental games he can do it to someone else. You have your rights. I'm sorry you have go through so much at such a young age, but you are at least making a smart decision and moving on. Good luck to you sweetheart! *hugs*
  14. He knew exactly what he was doing, and it worked. You're allowing him to get under your skin. Did he buy those handbags for you?

    Assets need to be split, so depending on where you live they may be split 50-50. You need to get yourself a lawyer and have all of this stuff written down. Time, dates, locations.

    Best of luck to you.
  15. haha thanksss guys!!!

    yeaaa i went to a lawyer...its honestly not worth fighting over...because the amount of stuff that he took wouldnt be equivelent to the lawyers bill---so even my lawyer said if its not major stuff, then to just leave it...its stuff, it can be replaced...but BOO!!!

    i just wish he had class or pride or anything??? i mean for me...i left everything just to show him that i don't need anything of his...and i don't! but...i WOULD like my purses as silly as it sounds...

    i have some stuff of his that he wants back...haha it was funny i went to our house (my house---i bought it) and not only did he take EVERYTHING---and when i mean everything i mean like...the metal baskets that i used to hold onions---gone. he wrote me a list on our fridge of stuff that he wants me to give back to him!? i was like uhmmm he's INSANE! butt...i don't want to sink to his level so im going to give him back his crappy rotisserie...

    thank god florida has a no-fault divorce and i can go get it myself cuz he said he wasnt going to divorce me...he's awesome.