Getting disgusted with Chanel...

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  1. I am starting to get fed up with Chanel, first of all they discontinue things all the time, now their prices are going up!! I have been a loyal user of their skincare and makeup, but now I think I may be looking elsewhere. Any suggestions for skincare? :cursing:
  2. I did not know they had price increases on beauty items also. I've only ever bought their lipsticks and mascara.

    There are tons of products out there besides Chanel. It's all trial and error.
  3. Thats the problem, I already went through years of trial and error which brought me to Chanel. I have sensitive skin and it just works for me so I have stuck to it for a few years now. So I guess I have to go through all that again, sigh!! I see the polish went up to $19, not a big price jump on that.
  4. In my experience, ALL make-up lines do that. Price hikes and discontinues are everywhere.

    I keep a good relationship with S.A.s. so they tell me if a colour I really loved that was dicontinued was being "brought back" under another name or line!

    It sucks but it happens. I myself was a Chanel devotee for years when they had THE best skincare and makeup brushes. Now quality is very good elsewhere, and I find myself quite addicted to Bobbi Brown and Guerlain (again) for skincare and makeup.

    If the trial and effort period is too much (my last round made me break out something wicked when an aesthetician suggested I ditch my tried-and-trues for a Vit C regimen) consider sticking with Chanel despite your irritation. Or tell your story to some S.A.s for another line and see if they will give you some trial sizes to convince you to switch.

    Good luck girl :yes:
  5. I have sensative skin too and I guess the question is, is it worth the price increase? For me, if I find something that won't cause me grief i'll keep buying it until they no longer have it.
  6. I think all make-up brands change their colours all the time. It does help you stay in-touch instead of looking dated. As for the skincare line. I liked their eye delay gel but found other brands that performed better or I was simply caught up with the packaging.

    Right now, I'm using Kate Somerville and love it a lot so far.