Getting Cigarette Smell Out of Clothes

  1. Hi All,

    I was curious whether any of you have any good tips for getting the smell of cigarettes out of dry clean only clothes, particularly wool. I absolutely detest cigarettes and the odor that they leave on my clothes after a night at the bar, but I don't want to have to send the items to the cleaners, seeing as they are not dirty (and the cleaners is ridiculously expensive), just stinky. :yucky: Any tips?
  2. I use febreeze or Oust on everything :/ Is that not good on dry clean only clothes? hah.
  3. Ditto

    You could also try that Dryel set that you purchase in the grocery store and use in your dryer? Supposed to be good for "in between" dry cleaning visits.
  4. a good prefume
  5. I use Febreeze on my dry cleaned clothes after a night out to get out that nasty cigarette smell. I usually will hang my clothes away from my other clothes like in a well ventilated area after spraying it down w/ Febreeze and letting it dry overnight. It works pretty well IMO.
  6. i do that too:yes: