Getting Chanel delivered from another country?

  1. Hi ladies,

    Does anyone know if Chanel deliver to other countries. For instance Im in Australia and was after something in Chanel Singapore. Would they deliver it if I paid extra for postage??

    Also does anyone have their phone details? I cant seem to find?

    Thanks so much!
  2. If you want the phone number of Chanel in Singapore, check on the Chanel website... you'll able to find the phone number there.

    Good Luck!!!
  3. I believe they do deliver it as long as your shipping address matches your billing address. This is the policy they have here in USA.:shrugs:
  4. Can someone please post the chanel 0800 number very urgent thank you
  5. It's 1-800-550-0005
  6. Hi The Singapore CHANEL Tel no. 67335120 Ngee Ann City #01-25. They open at Singapore 11am.
  7. IF you are in Aust and deliver something from Oversea, is there any tax on it? custom declaration etc etc??
  8. Im quite sure there is tax on most things coming from another country. :yes: Because the boutiques will declare full value of the item, I am pretty sure the customs will tax it (unless of course it is something really tiny i.e. earrings .. you might get lucky :p )
  9. you have to pay import tax plus 10% GST unless it's under AUD$1000