Getting bored of my Vert Batignolles, thinking of getting a vertical lockit...

  1. whattya think? anyone have both? anyone have the vertical lockit and love it?

    i'm thinking i will sell my vertical batignolles on eBay if i decide to get the lockit, but still not quite sure.
  2. why are you bored with it?
  3. actually, i saw it on someone and it looked horrendous on her. it was awful. *shakes head*. it was bad.
  4. you're bored of your bag cause it looked bad on someone else? or did the vert. lockit look bad on someone else. :confused1:
  5. I think vertical lockit looks more formal and elegant. VB is beautiful but looks more casual and relax.
  6. Someone looking woeful wearing my batignolles, *shudder*. and you can insult my feelings on the matter if you want, i'm not going to get into it with you. maybe if someone has had both can tell me if they prefer one or the other, esp. in the long run.

  7. i don't think they were insulting your feelings, i think it was a question of which bag you were referring to - which bag looked bad. if you don't like the bv, then sell it.
  8. ok, cool. phew!
  9. wow. no need to get hostile. i was just confused as to which bag you were referring to in your reply post to spacytracy.
  10. Do you think the vertical is too formal for daily use? i'd hate to get it for it to not be used much. whereas i use the bv for a daily work bag.
  11. I really like how mine looks:


    I don't have the lockit vertical but I think there isn't much difference when it comes to size, but i do agree with Nat_CAN that the BV is more a casual bag and the LV more a formal bag, so depends on how you wanna look ;).
    Let us know what you decide, good luck!!!

  12. agreed, there was no insulting here.
  13. I have the BH and was recently OBSESSING over the Lockit Horizontal. Basically the same situation as you. Since LV stores are currently sold put of the LH, I have been forced to REALLY think about my decision. I actually went to "Bag, Borrow, or Steal" (website) and borrowed one for a week. I am so glad. Here are my reasons for deciding against it.

    The enormous amount of vachetta on the Lockit scares me.

    The LH is a lot bigger than the BH and just too big for my everday use. KIP I LOVE big bags!

    The rolled handles were not as comfortable on my shoulder as the straps on my BH, AND one kept falling down which was kind of annoying.

    With my BH, I can easily access the inside of the bag while it is on my shoulder. The drop length on the LH is shorter and I wasn't able to do this.

    The LH just wasn't as comfortable overall!

    I do think the LH is beautiful and more "refined" than the BH but for me, for now, I am sticking with good ol' BH.

    Hope this helps!