Getting bird sh*t out of clothing.

  1. I recently bought a new sweater, and Oma (my grandmother) insisted on washing it. So I said okay, but not to hang it outside, since birds have a tendency to sh*t all over our yard.

    What do I see when I come home from school? My brand new, 150 EUR sweater hanging outside. And when I go to look at it, what do I see? Black bird sh*t running down the front & back of my sweater.

    I am beyond words right now, I'm so f:censor:cking furious. I doubt the stain will come out, since it's BLACK...But Oma says it will. We'll see. If not...I expect to have a new sweater ASAP.

    Anybody have any tips on how to get bird sh*t out of clothes?
  2. oh no, sorrie to hear that. i hope u can get the stain out. i have no tips. :shame:
  3. My pet bird has an "accident" on my clothes every once in a while- and it has always come out. But outdoor birds do eat different things & may be more prone to staining (think berries). Good luck!
  4. Update on the stain situation:

    I've been going down every 15 minutes to my sweater (laying in a tub of cold water with laundry detergent as to not cook the proteins in the poop) and putting my Shout stain stick on there. Seems to be coming out pretty well. The stain is no longer black, but a very light blue. I'm not sure if anybody would notice it - but I know I will. I'm just going to keep going down every 15-30 minutes and stainsticking and scrubbing until it comes out :smile:

    PS: I feel kind of bad about getting so ticked off - but today just hasn't seemed to work out for me. Lost my calculator, can't do my homework, bleh! My emotions are getting a little bit crazy now. This morning I got really upset (ie. on the verge of tears) because I forgot my Croissant at home :sad:
  5. Oh, dear! Fortunately, bird-poo is not very difficult to remove. Since this is a sweater, soak it in cold water to remove any solid stuff before throwing it in the washer. Don't use any detergent during the soaking because it might react and cause the stain to set. Once the poo is gone, put it in the wash like you normally would. This time, take the sweater from Oma and lay it on a flat surface to dry. You would NEVER hang a sweater to dry because it will stretch out of shape like crazy and never fit right again!
    I hope this helps,