Getting annoyed with my best friend.....

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  1. First of all, thanks for listening. I really need to get this out :hysteric:

    These days, I feel that my best friend really gets on my nerves. Recently, when I buy a new bag, she will ask me if she can see it and then she will say something like "It's not her style, the colour too bright etc" but then a few weeks later, she will purchase the exact same bag with the exact same colour of course without telling me. I only found out because she always ended up listing the bag for sale. I am so pissed off :hysteric: with it but never really confronted her to avoid arguments.

    She is quite a selfish person and I kinda aware of that. If we go out and wanting to buy the same clothes for examples, she will say something like this "we need to find a smaller cutting for me as I am slimmer than you" even though the clothes are the same size. She even said to me that my mom looks arrogant and doesn't talk to her enough when she saw my mom for the 1st time. What kind of best friend will judge your mom like that when she doesn't even know my mom and only met her once??

    My bf thinks I should cut her out or keep a distance from her. I have not contacted her for a while now but still a part of me thinks that we have been friends for quite sometimes now and should it really turns like this? But I am really annoyed too at the same time.....
    What will you do if you are in my position?
  2. Buy something she can't afford. And wear it.
    Tell her you are her are the same size.
    Tell her she is being petty.
    Tell her you don't know my Mom so don't judge her. Or do the same to her mom.
  3. Ouch..not fond of people who act like that with me..I'd just cut them off..

    but in all honesty..why don't you try talking to her?
    Tell her the things that bother you? if you treasure this friendship I mean.
    Just say everything you feel, and if she is a true good friend then she'll try her best to change her ways. if not then so be it. you're better off.
  4. with time I learned to cut off toxic friends. If you think she´s toxic for you, distance yourself. There are plenty of nice girlfriends out there !
  5. I would not give a hoot if she bought the same bags/clothes/shoes as I did, I would not even care about her comments regarding her being slimmer, but by God one word about my mother and she would be OUT(knocked out).
  6. ITA:yes: I would probably keep my distance and if she notices tell her the reasons why. Has she always been like this? If she has, I don't know how you could put up with her for so long!
  7. ^ also agree! why bother with her? I cut my best friend of over 15 years off bec she just wasn't good for me (never has been and I knew that for a long time...). if it goes on too long it will get more difficult to distance yourself, just dont bother. a best friend IMO is someone who cares about you and is happy for you, and not always puts themselves first. having said that, I don't really believe in friendship as much as I used to - I found that friends quickly turn. my example is that while my friend was in a better position/life situation than me she was lovely but when, after years and her own doing, the tables turned she just couldn't be happy for me. so, why bother?
  8. How did she manage to be your bestfriend if she's a bit nasty towards you? You might want to have a long talk with her if you want things to change. If she's worth keeping, consider it....
  9. With all of life's difficulties, you don't need a toxic best friend who is trying to make you feel bad about yourself. And a best friend would never say ugly things about you or your Mom. Time passes, people change, and friendships do die. Cut the strings and find another best friend that WILL be kind and caring to you.
  10. with friends like that, who needs enemies???

    life is too short to waste it on people like that...move on, move up and get rid of the toxic people in your life!!! :yes:
  11. Clearly not a "best" friend, then. Just be straightforward. Say, I really don't think we can remain good friends if you keep making these comments. They are very hurtful to me. I would want to know if I was upsetting my friend in some way. If she continues, then don't be friends with her. Simple as that. And don't look back. I really have no patience anymore for rude people in my life.
  12. I can't believe you refer to this person as your 'best friend'. She's definitely not. With friends like that.....

    I have 2 of the greatest girlfriends and we've been friends since college days and before. They live in different states today, yet we are closer than ever. We've never been in competition with one another. We always support one another. We know when to give advice/make comments and when to keep our mouths shut. We also respect one another dearly. I used to have a 'flock' of but for some reason these two are the ones I've stuck with over the years. I appreciate having them in my life so much and I know they appreciate me.

    I don't even waste time on people like your 'best friend' shouldn't either. You deserve better!
  13. OMG! how annoying... if you're so annoyed by her, then stop mentioning her as your "best friend"
    that's the first step you have to take actually.

    best friends supposed to make her friend's feel better about their selves.

    i think you should start distanced from her, it's better than if you still so close and you can't take it anymore and started something that will break the relationship.
    if you distanced, at least you're not so annoyed by her anymore and you can still be friends.
  14. i had a best friend who drove me CRAZY by the time high school ended. i distance myself from her during college because of separate schools, different crowds, and definitely different lifestyles. plus my bf isn't too fond of the way she treats people. but when i see her, i am polite and keep my comments to a minimum. i think when you get older, you just start focusing on a select number of friends.
  15. Ugh, toxic is not the word for her, sorry but she is not your friend, walk away!