getting a watch..i just don't know which one!

  1. hi! i am looking to get a watch...just no idea which one. this is my 1st time visiting the jewelry thread and omg information overflow! which of course i appreciate :yes:

    i tried on the black J12 with diamond markers :drool: and really liked it but didn't want to jump the gun. now i'm reading about rolex and cartier...i have no idea what's out there though my mom tells me i should not get the chanel, she'd much rather me get a rolex or cartier...but i just have no idea :shrugs:

    i don't want to spend any more than $ looking for something classic. i'd prefer one that does not have a leather strap, too. any help, input, advice would be appreciated! :smile:
  2. hm....only views but no response...? :crybaby:
  3. Its definitely a personal prefrence which style watch you like the best. You defintely have some great choices! I am pretty sure others on in the jewelry forum would agree that you can't go wrong with either of those choices, Chanel, Rolex and Cartier are ALL great watches! It seems like a lot of ladies have a simialar debate between these three! You said you really liked the J12 but your mom doesn't think you should get it, just curious about why? I am guessing it may be because she thinks it is a bit less "classic? then Rolex or Cartier? The J12 never appealed to be personally but I know that tons of other ladies on here have and LOVE it! Chanel is my first choiuce for handbags though! it depends on your personal style and taste. I recently bought a Rolex ladies datejust with diamond dial so thats what I personally prefer but I was debating on here for a while! lol. My second choice would be Cartier and then the J12. Have you tried on any Cartier's or Rolex watches yet? or just the J12? I like Cartier also, but I wanted some diamonds and that optiion seemed to only be available if I got the solid 18k version which is about double what I wanted to spend. My range was about what yours is but I ended up spending more because I really wanted a MOP dial as well as the Diamonds and MOP adds about $2000. A stainless Cartier would be in your range as well as the ladies Rolex datejust with diamond dial which is $6900 ecept if you want MOP also...go try a lot of styles on and see what you like on, thats the best way to narrow it down! good luck and have fun!
  4. This is my personal opinion--no flaming please.

    A Cartier is the most classy, of the brands you named. While Rolex's are certainly nice, I think they're more common, and while they are classic, I don't think they are as classy (IMHO). I was in your position not long ago, between a Rolex and Cartier. I tried them both on, and it took me months to make up my mind! Ultimately I decided on the Cartier Santos

    I absolutely love it, and don't regret my decision one bit. But like Chanel-girl said, you need to take your time and see what YOU love!! The upgrade to diamonds is a HUGE jump in Cartier, but would fit in your budget for a Rolex.

    I have a Chanel J12 also (black w/diamond markers), but now that I have my Cartier, its all I want to wear ;) The Chanel is trendy, and while its been in for quite some time, and it still going strong, I'm sure there will come a time when you will no longer want to wear it. Cartier and Rolex on the other hand, people have for 30 years because their look is timeless.

    Hope this helps a bit, and have fun looking. Be sure to take your time!
  5. Cartier watches are timeless and classic and just classy. Not saying Rolexes aren't but a Cartier, well, that's just in a class by itself. The J12's are beautiful but haven't been around long enought to earn the stripes of a Cartier or Rolex. Just my opinion.
  6. thank you for the responses!

    that puts a lot into perspective for me. are there any websites where i can browse the latest of both cartier and rolex? TIA
  7. has all the watches, but no prices. has a few cartier's on there, and you can see the prices. also shows the models, but again, no prices.
  8. I have a Cartier and a J12 38 mm white with diamond markers. I completely stopped wearing the Cartier when I got the J12. The J12 just makes such a huge statement. I can see people staring at it all the time, and I absolutely love the way it looks. I love white and how it just pops out against my skin since I'm tan.

    In terms of classics though, I admit that Cartier and Rolex are both more classic than the J12. Personally, for me though, I just always knew I wanted a J12 and I don't regret it at all!

    My mom is the same as your mom, she doesn't even know I have the J12 yet. I think she'd flip out if she found out lol. I have to hide it from her every time I see her.
  9. I have a Tag Heuer Carerra with 13 diamonds, MOP, and a stainless steel bracelet. I love it! It's the perfect combination of sport and class. I can wear it with jeans as easily as I can with a suit or dress. It was around $2500 so it's certainly in your price range.

    Just my two cents!

  10. thanks for the responses ladies :smile:

    well my mom thinks the chanel is very 'plastic-like' (yeah..i know..) and that cartier and rolex will be a better buy in terms of its appreciation. i'm so torn because i really like the black j12 and have a GC for chanel that i can use for the watch

    i'm going to visit some jewelry stores this week and see if anything catches my eye but i think for now i've narrowed it down to cartier and chanel because i don't really want to deal with rolex's dial :nogood:
  11. I was between Cartier and Rolex for a long time, I still love the Santos Cartier, maybe one day I'll have that too but ultimately I went with the Rolex and don't regret it at all. My main reason for going with Rolex is that they are known only for watches and when the new solid bracelet came out I fell in love with it. I think Cartier does a beautiful job, especially with square faces, actually love the Santos and the Roadster. It's a bit of a pet peeve of mine when someone states one thing is "classier" than another, honestly I think that is just a poor way to represent anything, actually using that word sometimes lacks class IMHO. The fact of the matter is that a classic is a classic, a Santos is very classic, a Datejust is very classic. You can't go wrong with the classics they'll be in style no matter what and that's what I look for. My best advice would be to just stay away from the trends when making a big purchase like this, you'll never regret something that stands the test of time. BTW, the Chanel watch is awesome too, but it's very sporty and just isn't as versatile, plus I kept thinking I may not be loving the ceramic in years to come....... Good luck.
  12. fashion-I recently got a white j12 and I totally love it. It's sooo easy to wear and just sooo pretty!!! I know rolex and cartier watches are classic but I really wanted a j12 and I can honestly say it's one of my best purchases!!! So if you love the black J12 go for it!!!
  13. gosh i can't wait to get to the store already! i'll definitely be keeping all your advice in mind!!
  14. You can't go wrong with an all stainless steel small Cartier tank francaise. It is well within your budget and is both dressy and casual at the same time. Stay away from the "bling" and stick with something elegant is what I say. :tup:
  15. I have not had either of the watches you mentioned, but I do love (and own) an Omega Constellation...I love the looks of it, so pretty!