Getting a Totally MM. Thoughts?

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  1. Tomorrow I'm going to get a Totally MM (hopefully if they have one in stock)
    Anyone who has the bag what are your thoughts?
    (if you are going to say its a diaper bag, then please keep your opinion to yourself) ;)
  2. I had the bag for a year and really loved her functionality and casual care-free-ness. When I later added a Longchamp Le Pliage to my collection I found myself grabbing this one for all the situations I had usually carried the Totally in, hence I eventually decided to sell the Totally.

    If you have lots of cute, little purses the Totally with her functionality and durability will be a great addition! :smile:
  3. Are you getting mono or Azur? I do not have one but think its a really cute bag. I heard its comfy too. I say get it!! I love it in mono but Azur looks nice as well.
  4. I don't have one and I definitely don't think it looks like a diaper bag (never occurred to me until I read that in this forum). I think it is a great bag. Angelina Jolie has been photographed with this bag. I was thinking of getting one in the DE when it comes out later this year but I have exceeded my bag quota for the year. :blush:
  5. Functional, comfortable, versatile with great organizational compartments...crem de la crem imo lol!!!

  6. +1

    It is do useful and easy to just grab, load up and go.
  7. Mono! :smile:
  8. It looks like a great practical bag ~ classic LV! :smile: I saw a lady with one at the post office yesterday ~ I was right behind her and kept staring at the nice patina!
  9. I heard lots of positive reviews on it. The shoulder straps are comforatble. Zipper for security when traveling. Great everyday bag. Just if you load it up, the top of the bag might sag down where the handles meet the bag. I was thinking of getting this or the Delightful. I ended up getting the Delightful since the reviewers said it fits more with a open top. I am waiting for the DE to come out. I might go for that one.
  10. I wanted to get the Totally for my first bag but went with the Speedy B instead - hoping to get the Totally when it comes out in DE :smile: Good choice!
  11. It's my favorite bag! It was also my first. Love!!
  12. Diaper bag? I think not! LOL! I love this bag! I bought mine in 2008 and I will never part with it! I use it for travel and day-long outings. Flat comfy straps, a secure zipper top, pockets galore and tons of room make this an excellent bag! Two thumbs way up! I highly recommend it!

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  13. Yeah, it wouldn't bother me if someone thought it was a diaper bag. I've seen a lot of gals using the Palermo as a diaper bag on this board, to each their own! As for me, I have the GM in azur and I love this bag. (Nope, don't use it for diapers!) I love the roominess, the zipper, and the side pockets for easy access to my phone and keys. I stuff mine when I'm not using it to avoid excessive sagging. I like a slouchy bag, but in my eyes, this one doesn't look that good when it collapses and sags. For that reason, I also don't load it to the gills, though I do in my Longchamps or even my speedy b 30.

    Have fun shopping! I think you will enjoy your new Totally!
  14. For the record- the picture above my post does't look saggy to me. I've see these bags with the pockets folded in and the zipper top folded way down. I don't like that look for this bag (but again, to each their own!) so that is why I stuff mine fully with packing bubbles when not in use. ;)
  15. I love this bag I got it at the end of the summer and use it constantly. I don't think it looks like a diaper bag at all and I love the outside pockets. I actually have a toddler and use my neverfull as a diaper bag. The totally is beautiful and comfortable definetly try it out I think you'll love it.;)