Getting a replacement lock & key for Birkin

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  1. Hi all - wanted some advice. I have a lovely black box Birkin that the fabulous experts here authenticated for me when I bought it from a reputable consignment store (where several PFers shop!) I've taken it out just a couple of times. Well, since I'm generallly discombobulated these days with my 4 month old baby and lots of gear, I have managed to lose my lock & key. I read in another thread that I can get a new one for probably around $200.

    I was wondering if anyone has done this and what it entails? Do I need to go into the H boutique with my bag, or is there any possibility of getting the replacement via telephone? Is there going to be any issue that I didn't buy it from them directly? It's about an hour trip for me each way, so with the baby, I want to make sure I'm prepared and know what I need to do/have with me when I go. Thank you for any help!
  2. If you are well known at your local H, it should not be a problem via phone. If you are not known, then please bring your bag. $200 sounds about right for a lock and key, but did you also lose the clochette/tiret (key cover)? That may be another $200 and months of waiting. Are you sure you can't find it? It does not matter if you did not buy the bag from Hermes, as long as your bag is authentic, they will provide you with a new lock and key.

    I have ordered a clochette before---it took 6 months.
  3. I have lost mines before. You can order one via the 800 number. Or you can go into your local Hermes store (better if you are close to your SA) Maybe you'll be lucky and they will just give you a set.

    If you were in NY you could go right to Claude and he would just replace it for you.
  4. Thanks. I'll try to get into the San Francisco store one of these days, hard with the baby. I called this morning and they said to come in with the bag and they'll order it for me. He warned me it could be a few months, forgot to ask about the price. I don't actually go into the store often. I mainly buy scarves and things, and the Neiman Marcus here in Palo Alto had an H concession till recently, so I just went there.
  5. I was quoted $200 several weeks ago. He had to order it . . .
  6. ^^ HI GG :nuts:
  7. This is going to seems silly but have you checked the pillow your birkin sits in when you have her in storage???

    I lost my keys and lock in there and I would not have known if I didn't search the pillow and box(thinking it was a safe place).
  8. Hello everyone!

    I have the same problem with my Birkin. I lost my lock but I still got my keys. I took it to the H store in Bal Harbour :graucho: <--- (miserable staff)

    They wanted to keep my bag and send it to Paris!!! Just to get a replacement lock! Does that sound right to you? How can I just get it from the 800 number? I bought my bag directly from the H store, so I can provide receipt, etc.

    Can anyone help?

  9. Unless you are going to be selling the bag, why not just buy a decorative cadena and use that instead.

    Surely they must have misunderstood what you needed...That just doesn't make sense that anyone would want to send your bag to Paris just to get a lock. But then again, "truth is stranger than fiction"!
  10. I can chime in here. I was just inquiring about this very thing 2 weeks ago. I have a bag where I lost both the clochette and keys that were inside, but have the lock ON THE BAG. This is what NY Madison can do:

    1) Replacement of the clochette alone is $150
    2) Replacement of both lock and keys is an additional $150

    No need to bring in the bag or ship to Paris. If you are in my situation where you HAVE the lock stuck on the bag, but no key and clochette, H may be able to remove it. If they have the series number of the key, they can actually open the lock WITHOUT damaging the lock. However, if they no longer carry that series number, they can break the lock off, rendering the lock unusable.

    They will replace a lost lock/key and clochette, for a fee of course. Not for free. Hope this is helpful.
  11. I have the same problem. If you get your bag reconditioned and ask Claude very very nicely, he might dig around in a box of keys they have to find a matching one for you. If he doesn't have that key number of course, you will be left in situation of them breaking if off. You won't get the clochette of course so it depends how much you want that. Don't expect them to do in you are in the store, there are hundreds of keys in the box.
  12. right but only for the plain metal locks if the lock is covered they sometimes want the bag in paris to match the skin on the lock exactly to the bags color
    (of course if the covered lock is not important to you you can tell them so and they will give you a plain metal one without the need to send the bag in
  13. Thanks, yes it was helpful! I thought that made no sense for them wanting to send my bag to Paris. But that is what this woman really said to me :tdown:
    It seems that every store has their very own private policies! There are so many different varieties on how they handle such matters. Pure Chaos!
  14. may i ask what color skin your bag is? and did it have a covered lock? as i said above some bags need to be send in for replacement :smile:

  15. Swift leather in black :yes: The lock was not covered. I called several other stores and they told me that I should take my bag with receipt (if available) to the store and they would send the order to Madison. Ah well, guess there is no way around the waiting.
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