Getting a replacement!

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  1. My dustbag for my speedy 30 was chewed up by friends dog a while ago (:cursing::cursing::cursing:) so i am in need of a new one. When i was buying my pochette on friday in selfridges i asked the SA whether i could buy or be given another dustbag to replace the ruined one and he said that they never get given surplus dustbags - just the ones that come in with the items. Is this true? If so, where can i get another dustbag from??

    thanks x
  2. buy from eBay or tpf...
  3. it really depends on what store you go to/which SA helps you. I once lost my lock and key, and they just gave me a new one (my first time in that store, too; it's not like I was a regular or anything). Try asking another SA, or I'm sure you can find a bunch on eBay.
  4. Maybe bring in your receipt to show that you had purchased the Speedy - that might help you get an extra dustbag. It probably helps to establish a relationship with an SA.

    How about just using a pillow case as a dustbag while you're trying to find the LV dustbag?
  5. Ask a different SA. They are usually nice and understanding.
  6. check eBay .... seems to be a lot there.
  7. It is all up to the SA. I was given an extra dust bag by a very nice SA when I asked once. Then I asked another time for a box and I was refused.
  9. yup! i agree. having a good relationship with them usually means you can get away with almost anything.
  10. I don't think they have extra dust bags like they used to.... LV has cut back on things like that! I think eBay is a good choice to try and find one!
  11. my store has soo many dustbags...wen my SA opens the drawers, i see a whole stack! Ask another SA or even the manager - im sure they'll help u out!:tup:
  12. ^
    These dustbags are sometimes full of items though not always.

    It all depends on the SA IMO and it definetly helps to know them. This might seem harsh, but it's probably because they are instructed to not sell them / give them out all the time as people actually buy these things off ebay. :s