Getting a puppy...thinking about the sac please

  1. Well, I'm getting a boston terrier pup in a couple of weeks and have to travel to pittsburg to pick him up...I'm so excited. Well..I have to puchase a carrier of some type so that he can come on the plane with me, which got me thinking..what about the LV dog carrier! Does anyone own it? if so would you recommend it? I realize a boston is not a tiny tiny dog like a yorkie or maltese, but he is considered small. Will it work? I want something that he will grow into.
  2. Is he going to be a puppy when you pick him up? If so, I would hold out on buying an expensive carrier until he is at least a little older, especially if you plan on bringing him on a plan. Although puppies typically won't go to the bathroom if they're in a small environment (crate etc.), the flight might cause him to get sick or anxious, and he might not be able to help it. Enjoy your new addition to the family though, and I hope everything works out!
  3. A fellow PF'er, Elle, has one. I think it's the cutest!!!
  4. I agree to hold out on buying one until he's full grown. I got one for my Miniature Schnauzer when he was a puppy, but he no longer fits into it :s
  5. cute!
  6. My Maltese HATES being in a carrier. I had a cute one that I bought for the one and only plane trip I ever took with her. She peed in it. It was Fifi and Romeo, not LV, but still a nice carrier and I'd have rathered she didn't pee in it.

    I checked with the LV store to see if their carriers would fit under the plane seat. They said the small one will but according to the online measurements I found it's a little too big so I think you'd have to squish it down some.

    I say make sure your dog doesn't mind riding in a carrier first before you buy an expensive one. I ended up selling the one I had because she hated it so much. She would actually pop the snap open with her head and get her whole body out.
  7. Awww I love dog carriers...But as the rest say you should see your puppy's size first.
  8. Have you tried looking at petflys carrier...tonnes of different styles and not as expensive. If not, get the larger carrier so your dog can grow into it.