Getting a PT job at a high end store

  1. I would like to get a pt job at NM,BG or one of these stores. Mostly evenings and weekends.

    Any ideas or pieces of advice on how to go about this would be greatly appreciated....
  2. Check their websites. Jobs/Career Opportunities. Usually you can apply or submit a resume online.

    Or personally go into the store with your resume and find Human Resources. Dress nice and be well groomed. Good luck!
  3. I agree. One of the best ways to get a retail job is to present yourself in person. Find the manager and be very personable and confident. It shows them that you can walk up to a stranger and be completely comfortable in your own skin. That's a huge thing in retail especially if you're going to be working at a higher end boutique.
  4. Yes, I think on NM's website theres an area there about job openings? Not sure. Yes, I always tell my husband I would love to work maybe at mac counter. He always discourages me saying I would end up spending my paycheck there.