Getting a new puppy in a few days!!


My beautiful babies!
Nov 12, 2006
Melbourne, Australia!
After much research and thinking for months and months and months, I am finally getting a new addition to my furbaby family!

He is a black/tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from a registered breeder, parents are champions and heart clear, pups are brought up in a loving environment in the house.
Here is a pick of my little guy: (black/tan one)

I pick him up in 2 days and he will be 11 weeks old. Then I will go straight to the Pet Warehouse and get him all the things he needs. I plan on crate training him right away.

So here is a list of things I am going to buy, if you think I need anything else please let me know!

Food & water bowls
Food that breeder recommends
Liver treats to toilet train
Crate with blanket in it
Day bed
Lots & lots of toys to chew on
Collar & harness/lead

That is all I can think of. I am going to take him to puppy school in a few weeks time too, so happy!

As soon as I get him this Saturday, I will post lots and lots of pics!!

Oh yeah, any suggestions on a boy name??!! Thanks!:smile:

Hopefully the cats will like their new brother - anyone have experiences with introducing a new pup to adult cats?


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Jun 7, 2008
6600 Feet Above Sea Level
He's the cutest!!! How about Guiness?? Cuz he is black and tan. :lol: Sorry couldn't resist!

ETA with our two pups all three of our cats were already adults. We just made sure they had plenty of room to run away from the dogs when it got to be too much for them. I don't think it's really a big deal for cats cuz they can always jump on furniture where the dogs can't get to them. Ours adjusted after a few days both times.


Sep 18, 2007
Puppy pads and lots of love!

He is adorable, just want to hug and kiss him!! I like Guiness! Very cute!

My baby has the Dog Whisperer denim bed and he loves it, although he only uses it during the day, since he sleeps next to me in bed.


Jan 17, 2007
Congratulations, He is gorgeous. How on earth did you manage to choose between those two precious faces?

And he looks very much like a Solomon to me.


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Nov 24, 2008
Norfolk, Va
Ahhh! My neighbor has 2 and they are SO sweet! I'm terrible with names and don't really have much advice, but he's so cute :smile:
Nov 30, 2008
Under a Palm Tree
He's adorable! I like the name Guinness too that someone else recommended :smile:

About the crate, make sure you either get a crate that comes with a divider, or you buy one separately. You only want enough room for the little one to be able to stand up and turn around, or else they will soil one end of the crate and sleep in the other, which does nothing to help your potty training. You can move the divider as he grows. The blanket for the crate would be fine as long as you use the divider, however instead of buying a new blanket, I would use a used towel, piece of clothing or something with your smell or his parents smell on it which will help calm and soothe when you arent there.

Good luck, such a sweet face!


Apr 9, 2007
He is absolutely adorable! I don't know how you can resist that little face.

I think he looks like a Max too!


My beautiful babies!
Nov 12, 2006
Melbourne, Australia!
Thanks for the info Floridasun8, I will use an old jumper of mine then, and yeah I had heard of using the divider so I will be doing that, thanks for the hint.

What does everyone think of the name Archie? I think thats the one. DH loves it.


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Mar 27, 2007
Beachy SoCAL...♥
Soo cute!! Love his eyebrows.. lol. I had a black tri-colored cocker with the same eyebrows.. lol. We just got a pup a few weeks ago too.. and this is what I was recommend and bought along with your list:

Lots of pee pee pads, lots of chew toys... all kinds, plush, chew toys that keep them busy (where you can hide treats in).

Bottles of Enzyme cleaner (to clean up the accidents)

Rolls of paper towels.

I've also purchased baby wipes.. just in case they step on there pee when they go on the pad.

Mini dog beds, we have one in the dining room and living room & another in the master.

Oh yes, I also called around to see which vets offered a "Puppy wellness package" (that included all the booster shots, micro-chipping & spay neuter fee)

G-Luck & Have fun!