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Getting a new LV?

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Apr 20, 2009
(My apologies if this post belongs somewhere else. I just registered so I'm not too savvy on the ins and outs yet!)

Back in October 2007, I bought a LV Speedy 30. I loved it for the first couple of months but then started gravitating towards smaller bags; at this point, I rarely carry it due to the size. It hasn't really even gotten that lovely patina to the handles. I'm contemplating selling it but I have no idea how much to price it at. (Any ideas?)

I want to replace it with a Damier Canvas Speedy 25 but eluxury says it's sold out. Is the site just sold out or is the DC Speedy 25 hard to find now? I'm pretty out of the loop when it comes to LV; I really only have my Speedy 30 and a Porte-Tresor wallet (which I adore!).

Thank you so much!!! :biggrin:
Not open for further replies.