Getting a NEW chanel purse in store VS online preloved site

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  1. I've seen many chanel purses listed on a pre loved website as "new with tag" for almost the same price without having to pay tax (sometime less too). It would come with the authentic card, dustbag, box, and sometime tags. It claimed to be new and never worn.
    If I was to buy a new bag, is it my best bet to find them on these preloved website first? Or are there some cons that I didn't know about? Oh and the website guarantee 100% authentic, the websites are recommended from here.
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  2. I think that you could definitely go the pre-loved route ... I think the real draw to buying in-store is to have the "Chanel experience," where you get some champagne, it's wrapped up nicely, etc. etc. I think shopping in store also eliminates that 1% of doubt (or even less) than a bag isn't real, and it gives you complete control over the bag you are buying -- you get to examine in thoroughly, try it on, la la la.
  3. it's always smart to save money. if it's new with tags and comes with everything i'd save the money and get it from a reseller.
  4. I got mine at the chanel store. Mine doesn't come with a tag. Are you talking about the white tag like the ones on the clothes that you scan for the price? Yeah mine doesn't have a tag. It only comes with the box, dustbag, authentic card, a little booklet, a little cloth, that's it. But when I went to a chanel store that located inside neiman marcus, I saw some bags does have a tag with a little black string hooked onto the chanel chain. Ive wonder why mine doesn't have that tag.
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    Right after I bought one from the store. I saw a listing of the exact same one for 4900 without tax :facepalm:
  6. Agreed!
  7. Some SAs remove the tag or part of it. It's normal if yours didn't come with one. It's probably removed by the store.
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  8. my jumbo purchased 3 years ago came with price tag still attached (from boutique). then my m/l came with price tag cut off of bag but tucked into the back pocket (from dept store). now i hear some of the boutiques are keeping the price tags altogether bc of a new policy and they are trying to limit counterfeiters from copying style codes, so who knows! some of my SLG's came with price tags, others didn't.
  9. Yeah I had the same question too when I first set eyes on Chanel but eventually decided to buy a brand new piece from a private collector since my bag is sold out in stores.
  10. I have the same issue. I saw my dream bag reissue on a preloved site and wanted buy it so bad. The price was 1k less than retail with tag on too. I couldn't pull the trigger because I was afraid. I keep on worrying that There's 1% that it's fake. Like what if the authenticator missed the fake because it's too good kinda thing.