Getting a new bag!!!

  1. So I had dinner with my dad and his friend today who works at Chanel!! I'm so excited, I'm getting a tote but I don't know which ooooone!!


    I'm torn between the Red expandable tote (everyone's pics on tpf of the red is just GORGEOUS)


    or this one... does anyone know how much it costs though? its called "large lambskin tote" on the chanel website... it kinda looks like a dark plum to me? but maybe i'm color blind LOL. i wonder if this one comes in other colors.


    ***and my other concern is what i've been reading about the stitches on the expandable. can anyone squash my worries?? its just so gorgeous and i am leaning towards the red bag more.
  2. The second tote is the Sharpey in dark brown, but it is $$$ more expensive than the expandable. Go for the expandable red its beautiful. My SA assures me that the bag is double stitched so there shouldn't be any probs with fraying or snagging unless you really knock it about. The Sharpey is too delicate IMO for a day bag and looks too casual for evening.
  3. expandable definitely!!
  4. definately the expandable! Plus the color is amazing!
  5. Ooooh, I'd go for the Expandable Tote in Red! That color is amazing! I wish more bags came in that shade.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  6. 100% Exapandable in red!
  7. I'd go for the expandable as well. Much cheaper, more durable. And cool looking as well.
  8. i love the expandable tote.
  9. Expandable! Its great looking and looks pretty functional.
  10. expandable tote. read jills warning about the sharpey before you plunge big bucks on that bag. good luck
  11. I agree with the rest, the expandable and in red :yes:
  12. Red Expendale.. saw it 2 days ago IRL & I was drooling
  13. that red is hot, I'd go for the expandable! its a high impact bag!
  14. Wow .... you met someone who works for Chanel!? That's freaken awesome!!! Your going to get first dibs on everyyyythhhinngg and not to mention the hook ups too!

    Oh yea and definitely the expandable!
  15. Hehe, of cos I would say the red expandable cos I have that same bag. Haven't started using it yet, but think the stitches shld be quite ok. Just have to be careful.. anyway, all Chanels should be carried with care! Lol...