Getting a metallic black 2.55 size 228,but......

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  1. stilling lusting over the black patent 227. which one do you think I should get ladies? And also, I tried a light silver 228 on, I was "amazed" by the price tag,$3195 or $3150??? Is that the new increased price? Please give me your opinions, it'll be great if anyone have some modelling pics of a 228, please post. Thanks a lot!!!:yes:
  2. if money is not an issue u should get what you really like now before the price increase or it might turn into one of those completely sold out items that you'll lust after they're SOLD OUT everywhere except for more on eBay.

    on another note....i thought i put my name down for the 228 and called NM but the SAs don't even know if it's a 227 or 228....ugh. my name is still there though. and i remember the price being in the $3ks...
  3. That totally depends on what you want. If you like the patent better, get the patent, if you like the metallic, get the metallic. I personally like the metallic better.
  4. If the price is over $3000, then you are listed for a 228. The black metallic 227 is $2495.
  5. I'd kill for a light silver 228....
  6. I think the black metallic would be a bit more subtle and long-term than the patent. the patent is gorgeous, but more trendy. As for the size, my only concern would be that the 228 would be too big?? :confused1: I just got the black metallic 227 myself and I feel like its the biggest i could go with...anything bigger would be too big on me. I'm 5'4, around 108 lbs. I remember seeing a pic of someone modeling their 228 size....see if I can find it....
  7. :tup:Thank you so much guys!!! I do love both of them, but I just went to Saks and got a black patent 227, with the EGC thing going on, it was really a great deal I think. Anyway, I'm still on the list of the metallic black 228. I'll wait and see... Thank you everybody again!:wlae:
  8. GREAT choice! When I first saw a black patent reissue, it literally took my breath away :heart:. Please post pics when you can.
  9. I have the black patent reissue and I love it...totally classic. Patent leather will never go out of style...congrats!
  10. I am getting the black patent 227 during the ECG. I really don't think of patent as being trendy, it kind of comes and goes. My mom had patent handbags in the 60's, so it hot for awhile then disappears but really good patent leather will always look great. It can be dressy or more casual.

    The bag is beautiful and I usually prefer silver hardware but I just couldn't resist the black patent with that nice brushed gold hardware.

    I'm also getting a pair of classic Chanel flats in black leather with a black patent toe. Am I gonna look good or what!! and I'm over $3000 so that means an ECG of $450.
  11. Congrats on you new bags and shoes!I love patent leather too and this is my 1st patent leather bag! Now I think we should think about how to spend those gift cards, they'll be good within 90 days only which is too bad, I couldn't find anything today... Anyway, hope you'll enjoy your new bag and shoes and your gift card!:smile:Thank you!;)
  12. Thank you Molls and Mimi! I will share pics with you guys for sure after I receive it on Friday maybe!:yes: