*Getting a Large Carly!!!*

  1. Hello everyone,

    I just bought a Medium Chocolate Carly about two weeks ago, but it is too small for me. I like to carry everything with me....lol. So I am getting a Large Carly, but I'm selling the med. choc. carly because I feel bad that my hubby is buying me yet another Coach bag. So my question is, since I'm getting rid of the med. carly, should I just get the large in chocolate as well? Or should I get one in khaki?

    Should I get the Khaki w/ black trim or the chocolate?? And that is my dilemma...

    Side note: I love the angora, but I don't want to get that one because I am clumsy and I WILL get it dirty....and I love the saddle, but it's not on the website.

    Thanks for you responses in advance!!:heart:

  2. Well, if you love the chocolate and want to look at as though the med. carly "grew up", then get chocolate.
    If you want something new, get Khaki.
  3. Get either the large chocolate or the large red (beet). I have the medium in both colors but I like the chocolate better.
  4. large chocolate! It is amazing. :smile:
    *stares over at bag leaning against my door*
  5. Hmm....I'm leaning toward the Chocolate caz it's so rich and it won't get dirty as easily.
  6. Go for it then :smile:
  7. Okay, just ordered Lg. Choc. Carly!!!!!! She's on her way!!!!!!!!!!!! She should be here on Tuesday!!!
  8. Woo! Congrats!
  9. Congrats, I love the chocolate carly's. I think you'll find the large plenty roomy.
  10. Awesome~ love the Carly- esp the large versions!
  11. congrats! I think chocolate is the only way to go on the large carly.. the khaki colors on the large size, imo look too billboardy with those huge c's.. but I love the medium and I love the large in chocolate.. post pics when it arrives.. woohoo!!! :tup:
  12. You know you want the chocolate!
  13. :tup: The large Carly is stunning in chocolate, congrats!
  14. another vote for chocolate!! GOOD CHOICE!!!
  15. Yay for chocolate!