Getting a half wig


May 10, 2012
I'm tired of washing my hair on a daily basis because it's so darn oily, but i'm more worried about going bald due to all the hair i lose with every wash.

I am thinking of getting a half wig to be able to cover my oily only concern is i read that wigs can actually cause hair loss? is this true or just a myth??

i want something natural and feel half wig would be best, in fact i saw two yesterday that look and feel like my own hair.


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Jan 13, 2008
Hawkeye State
You will not go bald from washing your hair. I shed quite a bit of hair every day and it's normal, especially if you have thick hair!

You might have an oily scalp from using sulfates in your shampoo. Have you heard of the Curly Girl routine? You don't need to have curly hair to use the routine. One basically cuts out sulfates and silicones from one's routine. Using sulfates daily strip the natural oils you produce and causes your body to react by producing more oil.

Or you could try shampooing every other shower.


Sep 30, 2012
I think the hair loss that you mentioned is usually associated with lace front wigs, since they are commonly secured on the head with adhesives. I wear 3/4 wigs and get them sewn in, and it's super easy to wash and go (or not) if needed on a daily basis. You should totally look into half wigs! There are tutorials on youtube and other forums with tons of info about them. :smile: Good luck!


Jun 30, 2009
My mom wears a wig due to cancer hair loss and it never really came back much. If you wear a wig everyday it can cause hair loss from rubbing on your scalp. If you want a wig just for occasional wear it should be no problem. By the way the worst wig my mom bought was the first one she paid over five hundred dollars for. Its long gone. She does better buying off website and buying inexpensive wigs that are not made of human hair.


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Jul 2, 2007
Northern California
I have a half wig...actually called a fall and have no problems. I don't wear it everyday, tho...only when the weather is rainy as my hair frizzes.