Getting a Gucci canvas repaired??

  1. has anyone ever had a canvas gucci shopper repaired? on the bottom four corners where it naturall creases the canvas (i assume its canvas) as worn and looks tatty

    i rang gucci aftersales in london before xmas and left a msg about getting a quote but have heard nothing!

    anyone had this done before and have an idea what they would charge? it only cost me £200 4 yrs ago so dont want to spend huge amounts!

    its the black/silver medium shopping tote
  2. I'm pretty sure that Gucci doesn't work on items like that. But to be sure, I would try calling Gucci directly if I were you.
  3. aww pants - the bond st store said they would.....but would explain why they didnt call me back!

    will have to try and sell it then rather than it sitting in its dustbag unused!
  4. manc-lass, my one friend had hers repaired. She bought her gucci from the website in July 05 when they were having a sale. I don't know the exact name but hers was a canvas w/ a leather strap and trims on the upper side. The bottom of her bag was already worn out in less than a year so she took hers to the Secaucus outlet and they charged her $20 to be looked at then sent it to their manufacture location I believe. What they did was they added small leather patches at the bottom on each corner where it was worn out. The bag looks a little different but still looks very nice. They didn't charge her anything after $20 since it's only been a year.