Getting a Greige or waiting for Naturel ?

  1. I am not shure.

    Since I've seen Andreax716 new greige city I was really :nuts: amazed the ones I've seen IRL were far from that beauty.
    I was wondering if I should try to hunt down a greige city or twiggy now or if I should wait and rather get a naturel.
    I want to add a lighter color (have now INK work and RV city).

    Now if I get greige that would outrule naturel since I also want:

    -a vert d'eau (city or twiggy)
    -a truffe day (good for me that they do the color again) or maybe the argile
    -as well as something bleu/glacier.

    Can't get it all.

    So what do you think. What the greige is concerned I'm a little scared not to find here (europe) the leather I want. I rather buy in shops.

  2. OMG catcat, you list is getting longer and longer:wtf: ! It's frightening:roflmfao: !

    Anyway, I was in Paris until a few days ago and in Bal rue georgeV they had one greige twiggy (I think it was the only one they had) that looked pretty good to me (good leather), they ship, but who knows if they still have it...

    I think I might personally like better next season's naturel since it has more brownish undertones (vs. cold undertones in greige), and somehow in my mind I think that apart from it's being used as a natural color bag, it would be likely to be used in some of these situations when a brownish bag is required.

    I too want a vert d'eau, and I am also very curious about the ss07 colors, but, since both greige and naturel are great colors, you could maybe give the priority to the best leather you find: if you come by a great great leather bbag in greige, well take it, and who then cares for naturel:rolleyes: .
  3. If you are getting a truffe, I would get GRIEGE instead of the Naturel, but I agree that you have to find the right leather on the Griege!
    I LOOOVE mine :heart:

    wanna see??
  4. I would prefer the naturel over the greige because it has warm undertones. I've been waiting forever for the naturel and IMO it's the prettier colour. I'll have a long ss07 list, too.
  5. How about both?:graucho:

    I have a greige twiggy and just love the color and the leather but I also want a naturel. I am thinking of getting on the waiting list for a naturel city bag.
  6. i must admit, i'm a bit biased since getting my griege mini-bowler (love) :love:
    DSCF3315 REV.jpg
  7. Thanks for all of your input. I think I will wait. I saw this afternoon again the only greige available in my area and I just don't love it. Ink and RV were must have's when I saw them IRL:love: , so I will just continue like that.
    I like the idea of a warmer beige which will go more easily with the rest of my wardrobe.
  8. I just bought a griege. I'll post a photo when it arrives. The seller described it as cement, but LouiseyPeasey says its griege.
  9. ^^ cement & griege are the same color ;)
  10. i'm biased too cause i just got a griege compagnon. hee hee.
  11. ooh aall! I love that bag! congrats!
  12. Aww catcat :heart: I'm glad my bag has captured another heart...!! :lol: The greige color is SO versatile and IMO, the leather on it is exceptional. ALL the SAs that I contacted while looking for this bag said that the leather is on this color is uniform (not veiny), smooshy, and reminiscent of older leathers. That was all I needed to hear to buy!! :nuts:
    If you need help tracking one down, I will be happy to help. I know NM in Michigan may be able to get you a city or twiggy...just LMK and I will give you my SA's #!!
  13. I have as aaallabama a greige mini bowling and i love it:heart: :heart:
  14. I LOVE Griege! :heart:

    If I had unlimited $$$ I would have bought it in 3 different styles :nuts:
  15. I am getting a Day in Griege (see below)!! I love Griege. I was intending to get a Blue India Day, but I saw the Griege and changed my mind!

    As per queenvictoria2, I LOVE Griege! :heart: too!!