getting a good deal on a flap...

  1. hey guys,
    since there's going to be a price hike on classic flaps, i want to try and get as much of them as i can afford.. i purchased one from Saks and got a 10% discount because i signed up for their credit card.. Do any of you guys know if Bloomingdales or Bergdolf goodman in NY stock chanel flaps and let you get a discount for signing up for their credit card? also, do classic flaps ever go on sale? Thanks bunches~
  2. thanks lovelyxmelody~ i think i will stop by blommies to see if they have anything special. btw, i overheard that Nordstroms has a 20% off if you sign up for their cc, but i dont know any Nordstrom in NY that sells chanel... am i correct?
  3. i'm not sure if there are any nordstroms w/chanel in NY. some of the girls told me that you do not have to pay sales tax when you order from another state IF that particular dept. store isn't available in your state. in your case, if you order from Nordstrom seattle, you shouldn't have to pay sales tax since there isn't a nordstrom w/chanel in NY. i'm not 100% sure though. you can try calling nordstrom seattle @ 206 628 2111 and see if you can save 20% AND the sales tax! :yes:
  4. oh wow !! that's very exciting to hear.. i will call them tomorrow and see if that's possible. thankss so much. gosh, what would i do without my fellow tpfers??!!
  5. Saks has a really good reward system as well. If you buy something on a gift card day, you can get free gift cards depending on how much you spend. Then you also get points toward an end of year rebate. Their card benefits are better than my Optima, NM or Barneys . . .
  6. If Nordstroms works out that would be a REALLY good deal! If you find out, could you please let us know? :shame: Thanks!
  7. Oh! I forgot to mention I agree that Saks has the best rewards program that I know of. I purchased my Chanel with a new Saks card as well so I received 10% off and double points (reward card worth 4% of my purchase price). Additionally, I noticed in-store that the application said you should also receive an additional $25 GC just for signing up.
  8. Saks for sure !! Their elite mastercard is the best with all those benefits !
  9. FYI on Nordstrom -

    I used to be a manager there for 4 years. The only discount that one receives when opening an account in store is if you spend $100 and put it on the new account, you receive a $20 Nordybuck in the mail. The Nordybuck is like cash that you can use in the store later. The more you spend, the more Nordybucks they send to to you. Its basically how they keep the card holders hooked in and continuously shopping at the store.
  10. i just called the seattle nordstrom, and the sales person at chanel said that it is tax-free if you buy from new york and if you sign up for their credit card, you get the additional 20% off... however, you would have to pay a customs fee... i dont know how much the custom fee would be, does anyone else know?
  11. ^ I purchased a bag from Nordstrom Chanel in Seattle from Denise the manager there. She said there was no discount for getting a Nordstrom card and that since there are Nordstrom's in NY, she charged me tax. If you can get that deal, go for it... I specifically asked her at that time if she could do the transaction as a gift to save on tax. She said she could not do that.
  12. Customs? To order a bag from WA to NY? That doesn't sound right.
  13. i called again today, and i guess the SA previously didnt understand me.. Although she seemed to know what i was talking about, she had a really big accent. Turns out that you wouldnt have to pay customs but you would pay tax. oh, and i was all excited too. :crybaby:
  14. sweet_pees, this is a good idea. it's got me thinking of doing the same!

    do you still get the 20% off at nordys?