Getting a dustbag

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  1. Hi all, I just bought a coach and wasn't given a dustbag because it was a vintage coach. Is there any way I can get one or buy from ebay as I do not live in the states.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. I think I have seen those on Ebay, I myself am short 1 dustbag for my bags. My made for outlet bag didn't come with one.

    So I just swap the dustbags around since I don't need one for the bag I am using.
  3. Technically sellers aren't supposed to sell dust bags on ebay because they support counterfeiting.

    Can you use a pillow case?
  4. do not have any pillow cases that my mum is thinking of throwing away though. Will tshirts do?
  5. Sure, if you just sew the sleeves and collar shut! Creativity :tup:
  6. I use pillow cases for my bags that didn't come with dust bags.
  7. My mother-in-law was wonderful enough to make some dustbags for my purses that didn't come with one. If you've got any sewing skills (I for one have absolutely none) you could certainly go that route. Pillow cases are always a great alternative. If nothing else, you could stop by some place like Ross or TJ Maxx and buy a few pillow cases for a decent price.
  8. For my smaller bags and wristlets, wallets, etc, I use the little drawstring bags that you can get from sephora if you have your stuff gift wrapped. They're perfect and since I regularly order from, I always choose the free gift wrap option so I get all these neat little drawstring bags. They're also perfectly sized for pouches. I don't have any larger bags without dustbags but the pillowcase thing sounds good :tup:
  9. just buy a new cute pillow case and wrap your new bag in it. =)

    (that's what I do with mine that doesn't have dust bags).
  10. OR just go to the boutique and say you received a bag without a dustbag. I honestly have, and they just handed them over...I've done it twice because I lost the dustbag, TWICE. now I just don't use them. haha.
  11. I am short two dust bags, and because I'm anal retentive, I wanted Coach dust bags. Well, I just discovered there are some listed on bonanzle. I got two of the older cotton style bags today. :woohoo: Anyhow, I thought I'd let you all know that is a possibility since they are not permitted to be sold on eBay.
  12. I've done both - I've made some from pillowcases (and I have zero sewing skills) and I ordered a couple of the satin ones off of Bonanzle. My new outlet bags didn't come with one so I saw them on there when I was trolling around and went ahead and bought them.
  13. What a great idea!!
  14. So outlets don't give out dustbags for bags and accessories? I thought either it was just my store or I was mad at myself figuring I should have asked for one. I feel a little better, if this is the case. It was my first visit to an outlet. Thanks for any info! Z :smile:
  15. Sometimes the outlet has the dustbag, sometimes they don't. Not sure what the factor is, all I know is an SA almost bit my head off when I took a dustbag out of one bag and put it in the purse I was going to buy! I was buying 3 pricey bags, you think she would have let it slide!