Getting a Cles HELP

  1. Should I get mono or Vernis (pomme?) I love the idea of the vernis, but afraid since I am going to attach it to my keys it will get beat up and the Mono might fair better? suggestions?
  2. Well mono would be better...but vernis isn't as delicate as you might believe. I have been using my framboise for the past year and no marks. I've since switched to my pomme cles, but i use them both w/o worry! Enjoy!
  3. i just got the vernis because the color is soooooooooo pretty! and looks so juicy and yummy i couldnt pass it up.
  4. i'd go for the mono.....
  5. do u plan to use the vernis cles as key holder or not going to stuff the key inside when not in use?
    if u worry about getting vernis scratch, then i'd say mono/damier/perfo cles can deliver that peace of mind for you.
  6. Get the Pomme d'amour - I bought the 4 key case - it's gorgeous! You could always get a mono one later - if need be since they're not that expensive. They always carry the mono. You will LOVE this color - it will make you smile every time you take it out of your purse. It's just so luxurious and beautiful!
  7. Go for the mono perf cles.
  8. vernis! mono is more common and vernis isn't as much. plus it's a beautiful color and it will probably eventually be discontinued (or its le, i can't remember)
  9. I would go for a Vernis Cles.

    If you don't choose a Vernis Cles, I would go with a Perforated Cles like DesigningStyle said. :smile:
  10. If you need the room, then the perfo one would be perfect..but I'm biased and love the color of the Pomme d' that's my choice.
  11. Get the Vernis... get something u love! To hell with practicality!
  12. Don't buy the Mono Cles, it's too boring. I say get the pomme d'amour Vernis Cles.
  13. How'bout Suhali ones?
  14. The charms cles was bigger too. But out of those two, I would go for the gorgeous new pomme d'amour vernis.
  15. Vernis, it will be fine and it's so pretty!