Getting a chloe for the 1st time. Medium satchel or front pocket?

  1. Hello!

    I am getting a Chloe bag as soon as I can decide which one to get. I fell in love with the one Jenny Mccarthy carries. Is her's ivory or taupe? Anyways-for a 1st timer-should I get the front pocket in ivory? Its online at Neiman Marcus in Ivory for $1620 (The pic makes it look really white. Is it more white or more of cream color? And I also love the Sand colored Paddington Satchel from says the sand satchel is 14" x 7" and is $1540. Is this the same bag is selling as the Medium Paddington Satchel in Cream for $1398? Is the Medium 14" X 7"?

    Pic#1 is the pocket front Paddington in Ivory from Neiman Marcus $1620

    Pic#2 is the Paddington Satchel (14" X 7") in Sand from $1540

    Pic#3 is the Medium Paddington Satchel in Cream from $1398

    Thanks in advance for your help!!
    paddington padlock satchel in ivory.jpg leather paddington bag in sand.jpg mastic cream medium paddington bag.jpg
  2. The 07 Blanc (picture 1) is very white. In prior years though Blanc was off white.
    Picture 2 and 3 are the same bag, but you would probably need to email Aloha rag to determine the Chloe color as I don't think Chloe uses the color creme. To me it looks like a prior year blanc, not the sand color that Net a porter is showing. But I'll let the more experienced girls weigh in. Once you nail down the color , I'd probably go with the Aloha Rag if it is a Blanc 06 or the sand. I think the NM 07 Blanc is too too white and would limit youf to summer. Plus the NM bag is bigger. You might want to stay with the sand if you are looking for year round use. Also, Keep in mind you can return Neiman's and Net a porter, but I think you can't return Aloha. So if you are still unsure, go with somewhere you can return it.
  3. I would go for the Paddington classic (without the front pocket), as this is your first Paddington purchase. I have handled a front pocket Paddington and found it to be very cumbersome, although I believe it may have been the large size.

    Regarding the colour, I personally would not go for a light colour because it will get dirty easily, unless you don't plan on using it a lot. I have a Paddington classic in chocolate brown and I know this colour will last a long time.
  4. I have just received a paddy in blanc 06 and really love the color, very nice for summer but very ivory, the 07 white is a true white so it depends on what you want to wear it with. Whatever color you choose I would definately go with the med satchel.:yes:
  5. I'd go with the sand, just my personal preference! I think the satchel style is nicer than the front pocket too. If you're worried about practicality, I find my paddy to be really versatile - it doesn't look big but I can fit tonnes of stuff in it (it's slouchy/collapses).
  6. I chose for my first Paddy a large belt pocket in taupe and I love it. I think the regular satchels are the coolest and I would have gotten one but they don't happen to look so good on me proportion wise. Personally I would go for a darker color like taupe. My sister bought a full priced cream from Aloha Rag which they described as "flesh" and indeed it did have pinky undertones. This can be difficult to wear with a wardrobe of earth toned clothes. She returned it (AR sale items cannot be returned) and found an olive colored front pocket Paddy instead from Intermix. I would also 'carefully' look for deals if I were you. You can find lots of resources for trustworthy sales on this website. Good lucK!
  7. I prefer the classic paddington but I didn't like the sand or cream colours so if these are your only options I would go for the front pocket in ivory
  8. I have a medium satchel which is gorgeous, but I am not keeping it because it is too small and doesn't hang right on me. I thought of keeping it just because it is the "classic" Paddy, but I can't justify keeping it just to let it sit around. I have a pocket one from AR on the way so I'll let you know my thoughts when I compare them. :yes:
  9. :smile: Medium satchel~ CLASSIC!!! Get ivory, blanc 06! Nice colour for summer!!!
  10. Hi there - I just received a chocolate medium paddy with the front pocket from Aloha Rag. It's my first Chloe and I must say that I really do love it! I believe it's much larger than the other paddy's, so that's a consideration. I happen to really like the front pocket because I can easily store my moto q in there (it's big enough).

    Having said all that, you should probably go with the size and color you love so you can enjoy your paddy for a lifetime!
  11. I think the original paddy is the best
  12. For your first Paddy, I'd say go for the med satchel. My first one was in chocolate brown - but then again my 4 year old son (he was 3 at that time) chose the colour for me! No regrets!
  13. ITA:yes:

    Try the satchel first, see how you get on with it (it is quite weighty, but you soon get used to it)

    Then, maybe, you can progress to the front pocket paddy.

    No, actually, i'll rephrase that. You WILL progress to more paddies!:graucho: :nuts:
  14. Yes, Medium satchel is the best choice because is your first Paddy and I say "sand" for the color..
  15. another vote for the medium satchel in Sand.:yes: