getting a chanel cambon tote... which color?


which color cambon

  1. black bag with white cc

  2. white bag with black cc

  3. pink bag with black cc

  4. beige bag with black cc

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  1. I am pretty sure i can get a large cambon tote! (this will be my first chanel)
    i have so many questions though!

    1. are chanels cheaper in hawaii?
    2. what are some good places to get chanel in hawaii?
    3. what color should i get, beige with black cc, pink with black cc, white with black cc, or black with white cc?

    4. they still have cambon in boutiques, right????
    (im kinda in the dark)

    thanks for all of your help, and tolerating this newbie here!
  2. I voted for Black with white.......but what about black with patent black CC?
  3. i was thinking about that^^ but i like the different colors.
  4. It will be very hard to get the pink and beige as I believe that they have been discontinued. That is why I voted for black as i think it will also look more classic in comparission to the other colours.
  5. i like black/black and black/white cambon :yes:
  6. thats not much of a problem, since they arent my favorites.
    .... well. maybe the pink. but im not that much of a girly girl.
  7. I like the look of the black with white cc's the most... :yes:
  8. either black with white logo or black with black logo will look nice
  9. I Voted Black With White (I Have In The Medium Tote!). I Adore The Black With Black Patent CC's!!!! Just Beautiful!!!!!!! :smile:

    Congratulations Your 1st Chanel ~ Very Special!!!
  10. I voted for the white cc on black although I do prefer the patent black cc on black.
  11. Definitly out of you choices i'd go for the Black/White CC combination.
    But personally I prefer the Black/P.Black CC combination!
    I'm sure thought that once you check them out in you nearest boutique you'll know immediately what one is for you!
  12. black w/ white gets my vote!

    1. chanels are the same price in hawaii as they are in the states
    2. I've found that the chanel boutique in waikiki (not the one in ala moana mall) has the nicest people
    4. yes, they should still have it but it might take some searching
  13. thank you!

    how much searching?
    assuming i dont get a beige or pink one...?
  14. ^ the white w/ black has always been sort of hard to find an recently the black w/ white is getting harder to find too since they introduced the mono color combos.

    It would probably take calling a couple of boutiques and finding the SA who is willing to search the system for you. If you want to get it from Nordstroms, i recommend the SA who is a PF member (Chanelboy is his sn, i think). You should be able to find it though! Good luck!!
  15. i voted for black bag with white cc's.!