Getting a box to store my twillys ...

  1. I am thinking of getting a box, opaque or see though, to store my twillys and leave this box in my wardrobe. Is anyone doing this and has suggestions where to get this book? Even if the box is from the US, I can get it shipped to where I am. Online stores would be great.
  2. There's a great store that has clear boxes called Muji - FAB for organisation of a wardrobe!
  3. ^^ Thanks, K! I didn't think of Muji! We have a large Muji store here and the Muji buyer is my friend! I completely forgot!
  4. Hi MrsS - try I use the small ones for pochettes too. Also the boot supports are great and the clear hat boxes for my wardrobe (although a travel with a hard hat-box). I love that they have a box for mid-lenth boots as well as full length. Organisational heaven :yes:
  5. great! I have a TERRIBLE addiction to Muji...and we don't have it here...I always have to get DH to cart some home whenever he visits Asia. I LOVE Muji!!