Getting a bonus from work.....

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  1. Where online can I look for some shoes to spend it on? :graucho:
    I've checked on NAP, and Browns but there must be more that will post to the UK?
  2. ooo fabby, now what designers do you like, tell us more and we can help ya spend that bonus :biggrin:
  3. Have you checked They might have something interesting :smile:
  4. theres a lot to choose from, can u buy me one too?? :smile:
  5. As far as I'm aware, Neimens don't post internationally.

    What I'm after are some gorgeously pretty flats I can wear in the summer. I'm thinking possibly Jimmy Choo as I've seen lots of his previous ones on eBay in the past that I loved.
    Summery colours, maybe some crystal detail etc?
  6. don't know if they ship international but thought I'd list it since no one else did.

    You can also buy direct from Jimmy Choo's website don't know about their shipping policies either- sorry!
  7. Have you tried,,,, or

    That should keep you busy :party: