Getting a bit fed up with

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  1. Just a moan here but I sent a pair of shoes back over 4 weeks ago now ( Tracking shows they arrived ok)
    Despite 2 emails, I still haven't received a refund.
    I have just rung and basically been told.....we are just too busy to unload the pallets and well, tough really. The lady wouldn't even put me through to the department as they were too busy.
    I even mentioned that I would have to dispute the payment with my credit card and still no reaction!!
    I sympathise that they may be busy but 4 weeks and she said it could be much longer really isn't on!
    Anyway rant over...I've always received such good service from Mulberry but this has put me off ordering from the website in future.
  2. That really isn't good. I phoned the other day to check that my order had been dispatched. they were helpful but i could hear the commotion in the background and even commented on how busy they sounded!

    Although i love my new jaquetta the description and photo on definately isn't the same as the bag that arrived!
  3. Moaning for good reason! That is totally unacceptable. When you buy goods you are expected to pay for them straight away. When you return goods, you expect a refund within a few days. Rachie, is it worth asking to speak to the manager? Four weeks is way too long and how much longer could it be? I'd be throwing a fit at this point.
  4. Hmm, I agree girls, this doesn't sound right at all, and I'm really surprised to hear this from Mulberry :shrugs: Sounds like they need more staff to cope with the volume. I'm sure when I returned stuff from the website there was no where near this delay. Hope you get it sorted soon Rachie.

    Jo am concerned to read your comments re. Jaquetta. I'm guessing you've started a separate thread - off now to find it.....
  5. #5 Jan 12, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2009
    I had likewise " nightmare " goings on with the shoes !!

    I ended up ordering 3 pairs of shoes and boots, different colours and sizes, all 3 got charged to my card straight away.

    First pair where Damaged and faulty, had to go back, second pair didn`t I got cheesed off and wanted to cancel the 3rd order as they were "out of stock " would be sent to me when back in stock.(even though they had charged my card)

    Anyway when I rang up, they wouldn`t let me cancel my order :confused1: even tho it was showing out of stock, they where saying that they would send me a pair direct from one of the stores ( I didn`t want them too) I just wanted to cancel my order :nuts:

    I managed to speak to a really nice guy Andrew Elvin, who managed to sort it all out for me and did my refund for all 3 orders (while I was on the telephone) I will PM you his number :smile:))
  6. I returned a couple of items purchased in the sale 7 days ago at the same time as a bag to Start. 24 hours later I had received email from personalised email from Start and credit to account. As yet nothing from Mulberry. However I will now keep an eye out and report back on time it takes to credit.

    It would still be unacceptable, but maybe more understandable to receive this service from a budget priced company, but not from a high end expensive line like Mulberry!
  7. thanks, will try again tomorrow and will report back.
  8. God that doesn't sound good at all Rachiem. I really hope to get better luck tomorrow. Its really not good customer service is it?
  9. Well, from all the threads I read the last couple of months, I think Mulberry sure have to work on their ordering sytem and customer service! There were a lot of different complaints!!
  10. Any news?
  11. rang...seems it has now gone astray!! They are now looking into it for me (luckily I still have the tracking number)
  12. Priceless - perhaps they got bored waiting in their 'pallet' and jumped out and wandered off for a look around!
  13. They just don't seem to be able to get it right at sale time do they? There was a total mess up in the 2007 Christmas sale too.
  14. You would have thought that they would be able to get all this right by now wouldn't you?

    Let us know as soon as you hear anything Rachiem.
  15. That is terrible and I would just nag until you get somewhere. It's your money and they have no right to keep it. I often think they would never be allowed to behave that way in the B&M shop. Let us know what happens. Have my doubts about Mulberry website from some of the comments on here. Good luck.