Getting a Birkin... Help

  1. Hi Everyone! Nice to meet you all!!! :smile:
    I'm new to tpf and to Hermes as well.
    After seeing many beautiful bags here, I think I might want to buy a Birkin for my sister who is getting married next year! Yay! But I don't really know how the procedure works...
    Do I go to the local Hermes store and give an SA a long list of color and leather combinations that I want to get my sister? Or do I order one specific combination with the SA? Is there a deposit involved? My sister's wedding is next January so can I expect to be able to give her a big orange box at her shower??
    Please help out a novice! :smile:
    Thanks and enjoy the weekend!
    ani :heart:
  2. Wow, you're a wonderful sister! Would you adopt me?

    (Sorry I can't give you the best advice on how to get a Birkin. I'm sure the experts will chime in).
  3. doreenjoy: thanks! i'm not much of a handbag user but my sister loves bags!
    hopefully i can get her a nice wedding gift! *fingers crossed* :smile:
  4. Lovely idea.
    You will need to hurry up to get your order placed. Birkins can take up to a year to arrive, though some leather / color combinations you can occasionally find also from stores.
    Contact your nearest H store and place an order. Tell them about the special day and they might be able to get it by then. Easier and faster would be to get a known, good H customer to place your order..
    Try to decide the size, leather and color for the bag before going to the store. If you have doubts you can ask the SA's to show you the leathers.

    Good luck!
  5. DiamondS: Thank you for the advice! Will they actually let me just walk in and place an order? Do I put down a deposit or something?
  6. Does anyone know if/when the Chicago Hermes store takes orders?
    What is the difference between podium and special order?
  7. Ani - if you want to buy your sister a Birkin and time is a factor for you. I suggest you look at one of the preferred resellers here. You will pay a mark-up but will able to have your bag quickly.

    I don't wish to be discouraging but Chicago may not take an order from you if you are unknown to them.

    As for your PO/SO question. Podium orders are made by the H store manager usually for existing client requests. A special order is just that - something special. Something not currently being offered; a specific leather or combination of leathers and colors, special pockets or approved modifications to the original design. This is generally reserved for VVIP customers only.

    Good luck in your search.
  8. Handybags: Thank you for your suggestion! I'll try eBay!