Getting 2 Identical Bags

  1. Has anyone here done something like that because she loves a particular style so much and wants a backup? I'm ... seriously considering doing that with one of my bags right about now ...

    On a slightly different note, I need to take pictures of my two new additions.
  2. i haven't done it have a backup, i.e. I havne't gotten the exact same bag twice. rather, I like a particular style very much so I would get a variation, for me it is the Celine Boogie (don't know why) and I am pretty sure that it will also be the BV veneta bag in future. others like a collection of LV speedies, or even Hermes birkins and/ or kellys. I see nothing wrong with it at all, even if you want to get, say the veneta in ebano twice. whatever takes your fancy, IMO.
  3. I have like 8 spys but they all are different colors. Before recently, I would have thought this was completely nuts.:blush:
  4. If you really like it, why not? I've done it with shoes and blue jeans! :p
  5. i've never bought multiples of the same exact bag but I have bought the same bag in different colors (considering the Sloane in Old Petra and Limo). i have bag ADD so it wouldn't make sense for me to buy a backup bag since by the time i would need it, i would be bored and move on to a new bag. but if you know yourself and know that you will love this bag as much years from now, then a backup makes sense. good luck and post pics!
  6. I've done it with clothes & shoes. I regret it ~2/3 of the time, but that ~1/3 of the time that it works out is what keeps me doing it. :p

    Do you have anything else that you've loved so much after 5/+yrs? Is the bag that you love a limited edition style/color? If so, I'd go ahead and get a back up if the cost doesn't affect you in any way.

    Personally, as much as I love some of my bags, I tend to grow tired of them after ~5yrs. There's only one bag -- a white Apres Midi that has the same compartment style as the Botkier Trigger -- that I've enjoyed/used enough that I wish that I bought a backup.
  7. i haven`t personally done it with bags yet but with clothes and i could even understand it more with bags...

    you know, one style in another size or another color makes a bag look completely different sometimes!
  8. Since many of the manufactures offer reconditioning, I haven't considered getting two identical bags. But I do have a couple of bags in the same style but different colors.
  9. never done it with the exact bag, but i've done it with shoes so once they wear out i have another pair.

    i would if i could though probably, for every bag. hehe... i have 2 of the same bag in diff colors, but that's just a tiny pouch i liked a lot ;)
  10. I have totally done this


    And I'm glad I did!
  11. I have done it with shoes, a few times - and never regretted it - I haven't done it with bags yet but can totally understand why you would
  12. As the ladies before me have said, I too have bought the same bag but varied the color. I do cringe when I do it but am very happy after the decision and purchase has been made. Never the same identical bag though. I have never worn a bag out so I have never been concerned about a back up.
  13. pardon, OT, but jane, that is a great style for black/ the pebbly white w/silver hardware, good choice!
  14. Thank you! Botkier is one of those brands where I have only really loved one of the styles, and this one was it!!

    The "white" one is older -- it's actually a metallic pearl Trigger, from when they were still manufacturing in the USA. The black one is newer -- made in Indonesia.