gettin a new watch!!

  1. so im just really really excited i just ordered my 21st bday present..a midsize ss rolex with diamonds!! so excited it took me forever to decide what i wanted and i think im satisfied with my decision of the rolex over the chopard happy sport 2. just a little guilty of the money im spending but other than that im happy! just thought id vent!
  2. OMG that is exciting happy birthday.

    I think my husband would crap his pants if I asked for a Rolex.....hehe maybe next year.
  3. Congratulations! That Rolex sounds amazing, please post pics when you get it :smile:
  4. Congrats and Happy Birthday! What kind of bracelet did you choose?
  5. jubliee still waiting i ordered it so hopefully i can put up pics when i get it!!
  6. Congrats :smile: & Happy Birthday!
  7. 20 years from now you will still be happy with your purchase. A good expensive quality watch holds value. Especially a Rolex. Congrats! You made a wise decision.
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