Getm' While You Can!! Sale on Coach Web Site! *PICS & SALE PRICES*

  1. I've made a special thread for those interrested in the mark downs on the Coach website!!
    bleecker large duffel $279
    Bleecker small flap $167
    Bleecker small zip hobo $160
    Hamptons sig. gallery tote $230
    Medium sig. ergo hobo $188
    Hamptons small round hobo $139
    Hamptons medium signature Carryall $209
    Please add anything I missed, or got wrong;)
  2. This price decrease kind of ticks me off. I bought the ergo medum hobo and my husband bought me the bleecker small zip hobo at full price. Have the wallets gone down too. They weren't lower at macys today. I would have been really upset as I just paid full price for the new ergo french purse to match my ergo hobo.
  3. Just a correction on price, the small Bleecker hobo is $167
  4. Wallets have not gone down.
  5. The Bleecker Leather Large Duffle is $314.00


  6. The above markdowns are on sig items only - not leather?
  7. K, thanks!!:upsidedown:
  8. Will these prices be honored at the stores... cause with a PCE card this all sounds alot more sweeter...
  9. Addition: Bleecker LEATHER Large Duffle, from $448, down to $314, Wow!
  10. Are the prices cheap in the stores as well? I just bought several gifts and some of them are cheper on the website than in the store with the PCE. That really makes me mad too.
  11. I had Thompson prices adjusted in-store and also got them on PCE, that was sweet!!!:yahoo:
  12. Why are they decresing now?
  13. Seriously, if anyone bought recently definitely take back to the store for a price adjustment.
  14. luckily i don't buy coach full-price unless it's something i reeeally have to have. if i had just bought any of these items full price... i'd be to-ed :hysteric:
    however... go get the price adjustment if this has happened to you, & then it will feel like you just got a great deal!!! :yahoo:
  15. I just tried for 10 minutes to place an order. If anyone is successful, please let me know. It keeps telling me to check my CC and address, both of which are correct. I even tried two different cards.

    *** I just called my store and had them place them on hold instead. That d:censor:n website was making me mad!