Get your Stam bag at JC Penney!

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  1. Check out this replica. :lol:

    Worthington Quilted Frame Bag
    $40.00 This classic handbag never goes out of style! PVC. 13½x4x9¼"H. Imported.
    • Double 10½" shoulder straps
    • Top-snap closure
    • Silvertone chain
    • Outside zip pocket
    • Inside zip, cell phone and slide pockets

  2. that is so sad

    what a blatant ripoff... YUCK

    have you seen the stam-ish bag from urban outfitters? not as obvious as this, but has stam characteristics... ill see if i can find it...
  3. [​IMG]
  4. WTF!! it looks cheap!
  5. yuck:sick:
  6. Oh JC Penny.. ! How classy is that pleather.. :S
  7. Sweet!!!! (Just kidding ;) ).
  8. OMG. that's as bad as the paddy's at target....ewww.
  9. I think the Urban Outfitters bag looks more like a Chanel "tribute" than a Stam "tribute".
  10. I agree, the UO bag is a "tribute" to Chanel's Vintage Square bag that came out last season. :suspiciou
  11. ^^^ I agree
  12. hot!
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