Get your HARE on here - HAREpolish<3

  1. Heehee, love how excited we all are! THIS is what nail polish is supposed to be about - happiness and fun!
  2. I can even think right now lol, everything happened so fast! My stomach is all butterflies right now!
  3. True Dat!!!! :biggrin:
  4. So I happened to glance over at her sales number just before the restock happened, and she had 365 polishes sold. Now, 17 minutes later, 1404. WHOA. :weird: That's... WHOA. Over 1000 polishes in 17 minutes.
  5. PLEASE don't let me go back for more!!!!!!!


    I got one of everything I wanted, and then in my second order I accidentally bought Afterglow a second time (Maybe I was hypnotized by the photos? I'm sure I will find someone to gift it to lol!), and then picked up one for a friend.
  6. Wow, I just spent waaay too much. My wallet is crying right now:shame:
    Every one of them was so cool.
  7. Oh crap!!!!!

    I did an amazingly quick order on Internet Explorer and stuck about 11 in my cart. And then went thru' Paypal... and then to "confirm" at etsy -- and then it said that there was a problem with my order and it hadn't gone thru...

    So I said "crap!" and went straight to firefox and didn't even look at what I was buying and did 2 quick orders - one of 7 and one of 4... No problem, right...? Right?

    Well, right - no problem. But then I looked at my purchase history to see what I'd bought - and my original order on internet explorer had gone through after all!!

    So now I have 22 Hares coming my way!! I've basically got 2 of everything!!!!!! Except no Midsummers Midnight (must have missed that!) 'only' one Asteroid Turf - and 3 Twilight Savings...

    Not sure what to do... message her, apologise and ask to cancel one of the orders? Swap them? (Sell them on eBay. haha!!) Gift them? I'd like to give a few to my cousin...

    I know weird problem compared to those who missed out... my PM box is open BTW...!
  8. Exactly! :smile:
  9. Lol that was crazy!!
  10. :sos:
  11. I only got one - Heat Plague. It was the only one that really screamed out to me (this time).
  12. O_O :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  13. Something similar happened to me, too, so I thought my first transaction didn't go through, even though it did. I convo'ed her to ask if she could cancel the second one, which was just one polish.

    ETA: Oh, I got Midsummer's Midnight, Supernova Springs, and Dog Day Dream in the first transaction. Can't wait!
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    I didn't get ANY.

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  15. My etsy app showed 12 listed but no listings to click on. Such a waste.