Get your creative juices flowing!!!

  1. Hypothetically, if you were asked by Balenciaga to choose/create a color for the new fall collection what would it be? Assuming it would have to be one of the current styles. Choose the color and hardware. :yes: What would you name the color :shrugs: OK - Heres mine - A deep, rich blue part time with brushed pewter hardware. The studs would be shaped like stars and I would call it "Star gazer". ;) Clearly I have given this way too much thought! :girlsigh:
  2. I'm so boring but I would want a black work, weekender or PT with silver hardware!!!!
  3. Do you have a color swatch yet?
  4. Nice Thread! I think I would have a Twiggy in a really like Minty Green with Silver Hardware. Or a Banana yellow City with Silver Hardware.
  5. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...clearly you have.

    I just want them to bring back the BOX, and then I'd be happy with one in every colour!!! Regular Hardware!!! :wlae::wlae::wlae:
  6. A color I would love to see come back is a peachy/coral color! I would say antique silver hardware!
  7. Please specify whether you want shiny silver or the antiqued silver. We must know. ;)
  8. And so....what would you call it? Maybe Bad Ass or Midnight?? :rochard:
  9. It would have to be a pink for me!!! Any shade will do but preferably yummy and girly like bubblegum!
  10. I second bringing back the Box, and I would like it in colors that came before the style...Bubblegum Pink, and 05 Turquoise. With regular hardware, and with shiny silver hardware, regular size. I would stockpile BBGM First's, Box's, and City's. I can never have too much pink!!!
  11. Why yes, I certainly do!! It would be similar to the blue in the lower section of batmans cape!!
  12. Come on now! Let us NOT forget the name? How would you order it without the color name??? :shrugs:
  13. I was just going to say I'd love to see a peachy/coral color. I see you said "back!!!" Has Balenciaga ever released a peachy/coral color before??? I've never seen one. :shrugs:
  14. Deana, as always we think alike! I would buy pink in every style and multiples of them as well!!!!

  15. Actually kirsten, I was wrong...there hasn't been a oral color before. I could have sworn I have seen one but maybe it was fake. Yeah, I guess if I had to pick a name I would call it Peachy-keen or Coral Delight!