Get well wishes to Prada Psycho

  1. She won't complain and has been posting with her usual humor, but Elaine has been enduring tremendous pain. Today she had the 3rd back injection that we hope will ease the problems.

    Get better soon Elaine!!!:heart:

  2. Get well soon! We all miss you! :heart:
  3. Oh no! Chronic pain is horrible, just horrible! It impacts your whole life! My thoughts are with you!
  4. aww I had no idea. I hope you get well soon Prada!!!:heart:
  5. Prada.... i hope you feel better soon.....
  6. Thats terrible. Feel better! :flowers:
  7. Hope you feel better soon Prada...
  8. Get well soon :smile:
  9. Nooooooo! I'm sorry to hear you're in so much pain. I miss you and hope you are feeling better very soon!
  10. Get well soon and come back here already! :biggrin:
  11. Elaine,
    I'm so sorry your pain continues. Prayers for a resolution to your back pain...
  12. We love you Prada Psycho!
  13. I hope everything will be fine! I hope you feel much, much better!
  14. I hope you feel better SOON! :flowers:
  15. PP, we love you!!! Best wishes and prayers to you! (((HUGS)))