Get to your Saks Off 5th - quick!

  1. All of the Saks 2nd Cut sale stuff is starting to roll in! At least in mine!! I got there today at lunch and all of the wallets had been bought out (and they said they had boxes of them). But there were current F/W 06 season bags all over the place! There were tons of Fendi, some Burberry, and Guuci. They are usually sold out by the time I get there at lunch! It was sooooo exciting!

    BTW I go to the one in Aberdeen, MD outside Baltimore.
  2. I was just at Saks in NYC and they told me that Prada and Gucci had no sales going on!!! don't tell me i got wrong information!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. your lucky, you go to the one thats near the warehouse. Im sure you have so much more of a selection then any other off 5th avenue does.

    Im going to the one near me this weekend + to visit the new NM last call outlet center thats opening. hopefully, I can find something with that buy one, get one 50% off coupon thing.
  5. What kinds of Fendi did they have? Baguettes, by any chance??

    Thanks for the heads up.. ;)
  6. The had B Bags, Spy bags (black and brown), one gold Salleria (sp?) bag I had never seen before, and a pink satchel that I know I've seen before but can't remember the name of.
  7. Did they have any good shoes? I sometimes make the trip up from DC to get there in the morning. It is totally worth it.
  8. WOW...fendi spy bags at off 5th! and that coupon is you can buy one spy and get the second for HALF OFF the off 5th price..wowzers
  9. how much were the spys going for anyways? and the b bags?
  10. The store she is talking about is not really an Off Fifth. It's a warehouse distribution center. The coupons are not applicable there.
  11. OK, I've been in the DC area for at least 20 years and have never heard of this place :confused1: Would someone provide more info please :confused1:
  12. This is so exciting... :graucho:

    Do you have their number?

  13. Off 5th in the DC area:
    Potomac Mills & Leesburg, VA
    Arundel Mills, MD
  14. The Saks store in Aberdeen is more of a warehouse clearance center. the Saks website ships from the Aberdeen location. They usually have a lot of stuff, but it's a bit of a treasure hunt. I would check the actual Off Fifth outlets first before making the drive out to Aberdeen, MD depending on where you live in the area.
  15. I feel like my brain is going to explode---I want a Fendi bag!