Get to know your fellow Tano-ites!

  1. Take pics and post them if you can Sandi!!!!! And welcome!

    asbb what is GPT?
  2. I'm a 33 mother of 3 little ones. My two girls are starting to share my love for handbags and like to see all the new tanos that come out....of course they love anything in raspberry. :p I'm also an elementary school teacher. I found tano by accident shopping in a little boutique with my SIL (who LOVES handbags). I finally got her to buy a tano QNA and she's now addicted.:tup: My first tano was a jettsetter from MHB (same bag as a sexbomb, just different leather). I then moved on to a boogie when I was rid of the diaper bags and needed something still a bit bigger than an average purse. I found the purse forum while googling tano to find other bags and am so glad I did!

    I just ordered my next tano.....will reveal when I get it. :graucho:
  3. I've been trying to think of something clever or interesting to write about myself.
    My name is Alyssa and I am a 28 (soon to be 29) year old graduate student working on her Masters in Public Health. Right now, I am really interested in infectious disease outbreak investigation. I haven't quite figured out which disease interests me most yet.
    I've had a really interesting career path so far and it has taken me all over the place. I was convinced when I graduated from college that I wanted to be a veterinarian. So I worked my butt off and eventually got in. I went to school in St Kitts, which is a beautiful island in the Caribbean. It turned out vet school wasn't for me, so I left after a year. But I did learn a lot, met some great people and adopted two of the coolest cats in the world (Piper and Dante). It also made me realize that a really important component of medicine is prevention, not necessarily costly treatment. So that led me to my interest in public health.
    As far as purses go, I wasn't interested in them at all until after I graduated from college. I got my first Coach signature demi and I was hooked. I own several other designer bags, but I adore Tano for its uniqueness. I stumbled onto the Tano thread not long after joining TPF. I found it to be a small but dedicated bunch. All the ladies were so welcoming and just really sweet. I felt like I made a great group of friends.
  4. aklein I'm so envious of the school/career path you have choosen, it's such an interesting field of work. :flowers:
  5. Al, I so respect your dedication to your chosen career! And please kiss your sweet kitties for me! :love:
  6. Aww thanks, ladies. I love you all for being so supportive, it really helps to keep me plugging along with all my work when I'm not feeling too motivated.
  7. Aklein, that's a fascinating career. I have a lot of respect for the scientists who work in that field.
  8. Welome!

    Wow- your last 4 children? How many do you have????

    Ans whats a GPT site? ?
  9. GPT = get paid to It's a site where you get paid to do surveys, cashback, etc.

    And I have 8 kids. :smile:
  10. OMG 8 KIDS!!! You deserve all the Tano bags you could ever want!!!
  11. Wow 8 kids??? My mom is the second youngest of eight....I can't even imagine. Well, I don't even have one so it would be very hard for me to imagine right? lol My BF's mother is the youngest of 10. Her parents had five children, waited 10 years and then had five more. :wtf:

    aklein, your career path is very admirable. If I could go back I would choose a profession that I was passionate about instead of one that just made good money. It sucks going to work miserable every day.
  12. Welcome, Sandi! Looks like we have a few of us over-50s here in the Tano forum. I used to be self-conscious about maybe being "too old" but not anymore. :smile:

    And asbb, 8 kids qualifies you for something, I'm sure. Do you have three sons? The Irish say that the mother of three sons goes straight to Heaven. :tup:
  13. I love the older ladies in here. I remember my ex MIL telling me once - that when you hit 40 - all your fashion sense go out the window :wtf: - I remember being 20 thinking .... OMG .. I NEVER wanna get old. :lol: Now that I'm closer to 40 - I realize that my fashion sense has gotten better with age!

    Asbb - 8 kids?! Man - I have my hands full with 5! I couldn't imagine adding 3 more to the bunch. Yah for you!!
  14. I am glad to hear it! :p I have 3 sons and 5 daughters. When it comes to teenagers I think the girls are easier.
  15. What an interesting and entertaining thread!

    I'm Tera...a Tano newbie...well, I'm a bag loving newbie, actually! I am 34 years old, I have been married to my husband for 12 years. We have one sweet daughter who will be two in about two weeks. I am a stay-at-home mom. :smile:

    I was NEVER into bags/purses until I started searching the internet for diaper bags during our adoption process. I waited for more than 10 years to be a mommy and I decided to splurge and purchase some really cool diaper bags for myself! Before I started researching bags, I would purchase my purses for under 30 bucks and then use them until they fell apart or until my hubby begged me to get a new one. :lol: I discovered Tano bags while researching bags and I discovered this forum through my baby bags group.