GET TO KNOW YOU thread ~ Post a Little About Yourself

  1. Welcome Mary!
  2. Count me in on that ,too. That is my most pressing "want" of the moment. (along with a Gustto baca, "ducking"...)
  3. As a newer (in the last 3 years) and more "in the background" Kooba lover, I loved coming across this thread and seeing what a community this group once was. It was also neat to read about some of the members who are still around today offering advice/expertise. Just wanted to bump this up to share with other "newbies" and to share what is likely a good memory with those who were part of the '07 group. Such a great thread!
  4. Oh, such neat memories...

    I still peek in here once in a great, great while... and oddly enough I still collect old Koobas. This forum was such a riot when we first got our own Kooba page, such a spunky bunch of gals. I used to do this for hours on end. :hbeat:
  5. Sigh.......great memories! Have not parted with either of my original flower embossed Sienna or my ebano Jessie. Still love them and wear them like they were brand new! It was a fun sub forum way back then.....sigh.....
  6. memories, memories...
  7. Well you ladies converted me- I'm now a proud owner of 14 lovely Koobas! Thank you! I love them lots!
  8. Awesome!!!
  9. I used to belong to this blogsite as ViciousBliss and it has been so long and so much has gone on since the last time i was on here, but im back !!

    since i left i've moved across the country, gotten married, gotten 2 dogs, and gotten a job :smile:

    waitin on me and the hubbster to get our taxes back so i can indulge in a new handbag for myself... I remember Bessie and Lexie... LEXIE i bought that Blonde Kooba Bonnie from you :biggrin: still love it to this day! i may have to get a kooba as my tax present to myself :smile: after i get out of work i am goign to try to post some pix of the doggies and whatever else i can get my hands on! so glad to be back!
  10. wow and i remember Compass Rose as well :heart:

  11. Some of my koobas are so darling ... 06-08 such gret Kooba years!! Tdf leather