GET TO KNOW YOU thread ~ Post a Little About Yourself

  1. Laura, your Akita is a gorgeous Dog. You do your own handling? That is a job. I know many people in the Show business. I hear there is alot of politics and snobbery. Is that true? I went to a few dog shows but where I saw the most snooty breeders were the Cat show! That really surprised me. We went to one in Dayton a few years ago and Hubby was disgusted by such Snobby women.
  2. Thank you so much for this info. I will keep you posted if I come across good deals, and of course after I go I'll let you know how it was.

    I watch a show..Three sheets I think its called. I don't know if anyone has seen it but this guy goes around different parts of the world drinking. (what a job) anyway about a month he was in Croatia and it looked like a beautiful old little town. got me really excited.

    Ok :back2topic:
  3. Thanks for posting in here Laura! It's great to learn a little more about a fellow Kooba/Bbag gal! I agree with your hubby, I like the pic of you with the light behind. Gorgeous!
  4. Bump.

    Anybody else here?
  5. Thanks, and there are judges who are political and those who truly look at the dog, not the handler. Yes, I owner-handle and it is quite a task, especially with my big hambone! :biggrin: You really have to have a thick skin to do it.
  6. Hi everyone! I'm relatively new here.

    My kooba love started after joining tpf and seeing all of your bags. I love leather bags...the squishier the better.:graucho:

    I haven't yet jumped into kooba ownership.... but I will very very soon! I love kooba's new spring line, particularly the parker, avery, nina and josie...oh and the list goes on.

    nice meeting you all!
  7. Welcome Momo. I hope you get a Kooba real soon. Everyone needs at least one....or 2....or 13 :rolleyes:
  8. Hi there, momo, oh, a Kooba virgin:nuts:, man, are we gonna have fun tempting and persuading you, LOL (I give it 'till the end of the month..) Great to have you here:smile:
  9. Welcome MoMo! I bet you have your first Kooba in 3 weeks... ;)
  10. This is a great thread, nice to meet the gals behind the Koobas. Lots of interesting women here. Okay here goes:

    My name is Janine, I live in Queens, New York now, but was born and raised in South Africa. I have a sister, who's only a year younger than me and my mom, that I'm very close to, even though they live in South Africa, we talk on the phone every week and one of us make the trip at least once a year. I've been in the US for about 7 years now, came for a job and adventure and just haven't left yet. I'm 37, single, no kids, but have two kitties and a bf of 6 years (yeah, I know, we're both just not really the marrying kind). I'm a CPA and work for a large public accounting firm (BTW, my bag shopping gets out of hand during tax season, it relieves the stress, well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it). My other passions in life are books and animals. Anyway, here's a pic of me, sent to me by a friend, since I'm the only person in the world who doesn't have a digital camera. Not the most flattering, but it's all I have.
  11. Welcome Janine! Your pic is very cute and candid, I think you look great!
  12. Hey guys...I don't come to the Kooba subforum a whole lot but nice to meet everyone :yahoo: .

    I'm Diana. Born and raised in Seattle...also in the burbs. As you can see from my ticker I'm on the brink of a big birthday...the 10th anniversary of my 30th :sweatdrop: .

    I live in a very fun Seattle suburb. Single, no kids but I have family nearby and I adore my niece and nephew. I have an amazing BF and we've been together about a year and a half (see my avatar pic...that's us in Laguna Beach!!).

    I work in IT...a non technical girl in a technical world. I'm a project manager, which basically means I get paid to run meetings and write reports ;) . I love my work.

    Also big and cooking. I've visited many wonderful places in the world, including the former USSR (in the mid 1980s), such as Moscow, Kiev, Tashkent (uzbekistan). Plus I've also been to Japan, the Caribbean a couple times and some travels in Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and Italy. BF is Italian and we have our heart set on a trip to Torino plus Naples where his family is from. We both love to cook even though our styles are very different.

    Now...for Kooba! I have a Sienna in desert and a dark brown python Mackenzie clutch. Love 'em both!! :wlae:
  13. Hi Janine and Diana, nice to meat you both!:smile:
  14. What a great way to put it! I love that!!!

    Welcome to Kooba Kingdom! :smile:
  15. I didn't want this to get lost. Does anyone else want to share a little of your lives beyond your Koobas?