GET TO KNOW YOU thread ~ Post a Little About Yourself

  1. Here's a picture of my newest purse. My Botkier Trigger which I adore. Thanks to the TPF members for helping me find this deal.

    Also - the most recent photo of me. Dorky! :graucho:

    Sorry I couldn't put it into my post. I can't figure it out for the life of me and after an hour of trying, I give up! :smile:
    TRIGGER2small.jpg timbday1small.jpg
  2. Oh Man....I am getting a complex here. There are GORGEOUS women on this board leading EXCITING careers. You GO Girls!
    I think it'll make me feel better if I buy another purse....LOL
  3. how in the world do you guys get the little pictures attached where ppl can click to see it bigger!?!?!?

    i dont get it mine are always in your face big haah :smile: i want to learn how to make them smaller so people can choose to see my face the size of their screen only if they want to haha! :smile:

    ANd PS lexie you are gorgeous! i love your pictures you look super fun and super happy!!

    BUT i am ALWAYS in support of a new purse haha :smile: which one is next on your list?!?!?

  4. LOL Bessie! Tell me how you get it into your post! I prefer it that way because having to click on attachments for people is a hassle and I don't like making TPF'ers do more work! My long long post was work enough! As for how you post attachments, just go to the little paperclip beside that big A with the black line below it and then upload it. Ok, your turn! :lol:
  5. oooooooooooooooo haha i always wondered what that paperclip was for ! :smile:

    ok so you open an act with photobucket! its free and so easy

    ok so then in photobucket you use the little browse box to pick the pic you want and choose ok, once you have all the ones you want to upload you click upload (very obvious when you are in photobucket)

    then the pics are uploaded and show up small at the bottom and it has 3 codes under each picture, you choose the IMG one, and click it and it will copy and then you just paste the IMG link into the posting box and when you click post it will show up all big and in your face like mine do haha! :smile:

    i guess i kinda like them big too, it forces you to enjoy everytihng i post hahahahahaaaa! :smile:

    tell me if you have any more QS
  6. Laila, Jessie, Josie, & Lara... I loved reading your stories! So glad you posted today!!! Thanks for teaching me what a Twilly is, now I gotta have one.

    Jessie, in the pic of you and your BF where he's got the green shirt... Your sunnies are fabulous! I love them!

    And Josie... keep us posted on whether or not you win your bet and get your new bag!
  7. I have all my pics saved in the computer so I use the paperclip thingie. I don't have a url to paste in the mountain/hill icon box so they are "in your face". I do have a photobucket acct but uploading all my pics into there would take mucho time.
  8. Thank you, they're Marc by MJ

  9. You are most welcome... watch out though... the twilly/pouchette/scarf addiction appears to have the potential to be as bad as the bag problem! I already have my eye on a scarf from the same seller and I'm planning a trip to Hermes next time I travel to Dallas or Houston for business... no Hermes w/in a three hour drive from where I live, so any boutique stops require some planning.

    I'll keep y'al posted on the bet... I should know in a week, maybe two.
  10. Thanks! They're gorgeous...
  11. What a fun thread! I love talking about myself LOL!

    I'm turning 50 this summer (there I said it!), I live in the suburbs just north of New Orleans and yes, we got slammed during Katrina but fortunately our home and property didn't suffer too much damage. Our town however, that's another story but things are looking up.

    In my past life I worked as a legal secretary for many years and as an office manager for a small marine-products company. My DH has a commercial and residential security company (fire and burg alarms and stuff) and for the last 7 or 8 years I've worked for him, running the office, doing the books, and whatever else DH doesn't want to do. :p

    We have two sons, age 20 and 18. The oldest goes to school in Savannah and the youngest goes to a boarding school in central LA for gifted students (aka nerds, hehehe). He'll go to school in Atlanta next fall. We're in our second year of being officially empty nested and I think I've adjusted quite well! They're both happy and studying what they like... life is good.

    I was born and raised in Texas, the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, and my family are all still in TX. DH and I bought some property outside of San Antonio and someday we'll retire there. Soon, I hope! All this working is getting in the way of my life!

    I like to cook, entertain friends, travel whenever we can, love to read, love old movies and studying history and of course I love to SHOP! And I'm weird because I do enjoy going to the gym - it's like therapy for me.

    I've had a purse habit since I was a little bitty girl. My mom has pictures of me as a toddler, lugging her purses around. When I learned to sew the first thing I made was a draw-string purse. In high school shop class I made a clutch bag. I have ALWAYS love purses and cats... who knows why?

    I have two kitties... Bodie and Mr. Kitty. I'm embarassed to tell you how spoiled rotten they are.

    Oh, and that's a picture of me in my avatar. I'm getting a big old sloppy kiss from Aladdin the camel. He's so sweet.
  12. My turn:

    My name is Laura, and I am 31 years old. I live in the Palm Beach area, FL but was actually born and raised on Ohio. I have been married to my wonderful hubby Steve for 8 years, and we have 2 awesome girls, ages almost 3 and almost 5. I am kinda weird about what pics of my kids I post on the net but I will have to dig some watermarked ones up and post - they are quite cute if I do say so myself - and Steve? Well I cropped him out of our pic below so he wouldn't kill me LOL! He's the football player type, played all through highschool and college and had a chance to go pro! The 1st pic is my avatar only not as cropped, taken at X-mas when we were dolled up to go out. The next pic is one Steve took of me and he loves it b/c of the way the sun is shining in - I hate how my humidy fried hair looks in it but you'll have to take it, as I avoid pictures generally and don't have a ton of myself.

    I am a stay at home mom but used to work for Continental Airlines as an agent. My hubby owns his own mortgage company so he gets to make his own hours and spend a lot of time at home with us which we are very grateful for. My parents are divorced but both in the medical field - my mother a surgical nurse and my father a surgeon. My mother only works as a PRN nowadays though as she is pretty much retired. She remarried and now lives in Tennessee in a beautiful cabin, and my dad also remarried and lives in northern Florida. I have a brother and a sister, both younger, my sister is a working woman in Chicago and my brother in Fort Knox with the Army.

    I am a lover of animals as I grew up on a small hobby farm. I have ridden horses since I can remember and I have been active in dog rescue and conformation showing for the past few years. I own one show Akita now (also pictured below) and have another on the way later this year. I owner handle and it's quite a challenge! I also enjoy shopping, (SHOCK!) reading, art, travel, and cooking/baking.

    My Kooba love started when I spotted the Cognac Marcelle and I now covet many of them but own only a few ... gotta work on that ... anyway, nice to officially 'meet' all of you!

    Laura :heart:



  13. Laura, I didn't realize until I read you bio that your location says Palm beach babe lol I am one too!!

    Glad to have a tpf friend in the area.
  14. Hi Jessie!

    i am clueless about croatia too since we've never come close enough to booking to really investigate... but i can say that you are going at the BEST time of year AND it's so good that you are going NOW, b/c croatia is a still-hidden gem that i think is going to not be so hidden for long. i'd recommend going to the library or bookstore and getting a Lonely Planet Croatia... I also like this website: Budget Travel Online - whether you are on a budget or not, they have tended to have really good recommendations whenever I've gone abroad. They have one article about Croatia here:

    and maybe more!

    i also HIGHLY recommend the new york times travel section. ( You can search by location and find leads on good restaurants/hotels etc.

    hope you have a GREAT time! i'm so jealous!!
  15. Ditto :yes: Aren't we lucky girls? LOL