GET TO KNOW YOU thread ~ Post a Little About Yourself

  1. I thought it would be nice to have a thread where we divulge a little about ourselves so we can get to Know eachother. I know this is a public forum so some maybe want to edit their lives and personal info so we don't have any stalkers coming to get our Koobas! :smile:

    I will start....

    My name is Lexie. I have lived my whole life in the state of West Virginia. I live in the upper panhandle just minutes from Pa and Ohio and contrary to popular belief....
    I do wear shoes...
    I have all my Teeth...
    And I am not married to my Uncle. :wtf:
    We even have a McDonalds!!! (About 25 of them!) Too many for my tastes.

    I am 43 years old and have been married to a wonderful husband for 23 years. He's my best friend. We made a mutual decision not to have real children. We share a passionate love for animals and animal welfare. We have 2 Toy Poodles, 1 Miniature Poodle, and 7 Kitties (all indoors and fixed).

    I am a Nursing Asst in a Local Medical Center for 26 years. I work in Float Pool so I travel through all the units. I love ICU, Psych, and Maternity. I am not too keen on Nursery or Pediatrics but I make do. It's a wonderful place to work with great management. I think My Hospital is the Bomb and give the best Patient care.
    My husband came from Cincinnati and graduated from UC with a degree in Communications. He has spent hos whole life working as a Disc Jockey (which are now called Air Personalities...LOL). He has done Top 40 for 12 years, Country for 8 years, and Now is playing his true love...Classic Rock :jammin: . What a great job he has! It's truly a dream Job for him and he loves going to work everyday.

    My Father died when I was 10. I am very very close to my Mom (age 72) and My Sister who is 38. I have been so very fortunate to have such a wonderful family who love and support eachother through everything. Even though my sister carries 19.99 Walmart purses, I still love her.

    We live a low key life together and have been blessed with very few traumas. We are Christians and go to a Church called the Vineyard which is nationwide. They are contemporary, have a great Jammin' Band, and make God very Current in our lives.

    I am a straight shooter. My mouth can get me in trouble because I say what I mean and mean what I say and tend to say it outloud:censor: .

    Well, that's about it. I'll include some pics and await the next Kooba Lover's story...





  2. haha ok lexie ive been working on life story for like 20 min now and all i can say is you asked for it haha :smile: (coming shortly along with a billion pictures!)
  3. **also i love tattoos hehe and i have been good about where i put them so when i am teaching no parents or people who im trying to get hired by feel like its too much! i have 14 but you would never ever know by looking @ me only if i have on like a skirt can you see a few that are on my ankles and legs :smile: i am going to post pics of them too just cause they are an important part of me! :smile: hope you guys dont mind! so im gonna post those 1st followed by MY STORY! :smile: hehe
    ***** unless you guys all hate tattoos then just tell me and i wont post them they are just something i love and have no where to share on tpf!
  4. I wanna see the Tattoos. I don't hate them. I just don't have any. Well...actually Yes I do, but it's just Permanent Eyeliner but it is considered a Tattoo.

    Bessie, they are important to you and a part of your life, so I think we need to know all about them. LOL
  5. holy moly permanent eyeliner!!! didnt that hurt :smile: in your eye! !:smile: does it really look like nice dark eyeliner every day i always wondered!

  7. [​IMG]
    [​IMG] red because this is right after it was done :smile:
  8. What a great idea!:smile:

    Hi, my name is Karen. I live in northeast Ohio, where there has never been a sample sale! I'm 42 years old and proud of it!

    My husband's name is Larry, and like Lexie, we elected not to have human children. We have the canine type instead! We have been raising and breeding Siberian Huskies for 15 years. In the winter, when there's enough snow, I run a dog sled. Just for recreation, no Iditarod type stuff! Currently our family consists of 7 Siberians, 2 Beagles (my husbands hunting dogs) and a Golden Retriever. Instead of me attaching bunches of pictures, most (but not all!) of our dogs are on our website: I really need to update the site, but I spend all my extra time looking at purses!

    I am a graphic artist for a printing company and have worked in the printing industry my whole life. My husband is a truck driver. Actually, that's how we met. Many moons ago, he used to deliver paper to the print shop I worked at!

    I am very close to my mother, who only lives 2 blocks from us. This comes in very handy when we want to get away, she's wonderful about coming over and tending to the kennel! I have one younger sister, she lives in New Mexico.

    We have a 26' travel trailer (my husband calls it a condo on wheels) that we take camping and to 'the farm' from spring to fall. We spend time in southern Ohio at the place I call 'the farm'. There's about 75 acres there with 2 ponds and miles of trails to ride the 4-wheelers, it's beautiful country.

    As far as the purse thing - I've had an addiction since I was about 15. It comes and goes in phases and designers! I'm not sure what exactly got into me about 2 or 3 years ago, but I ended up with 4 LV's at one time. I've since come to my senses and have sold all but the very 1st one! :confused1: I don't really even like them that much . Now I have the Kooba bug, 2 so far! We'll see how many of those I end up with:yes:

    Can't wait to hear from everyone!
  9. ok now get out those reading glasses haha i wrote you guys my mini biography (got a litttle carried away haah) but its ok if i ever want to write a book i got a good hunk right here hehe :

    Lexie :smile: what a fun idea :smile:

    1st lemme say what an adorable wedding picture :smile: sounds like you 2 are made for each other :smile:

    Ok so all about me :smile: --pictures throughout the story to help tell it hehe
    HI!!! My name is Bessie and i am 23 years old! I was born in Costa Rica (which is in central America, next to panama) :smile: I was adopted at birth (i was about 1 day old when my parents got me) but i didnt leave Costa Rica until i was about 3 months as all the paper work and stuff! :smile:

    (me as a little one)

    (me and my parents)

    My father is english he was born in London right before ww2, and my mom was born in Missouri but grew up in Toronto Canada :smile: We are a very diverse family! My father is a Professor of Geology and my mom is an artist (landscape paintings and clay work) -there is a pic below of my cat looking like a statue he is next to a sculpture she made and you can see her pictures all over the wall :smile:

    My dad has a sister who still lives in England so we have family there, but his brother moved to Israel when he was a teenager and so we have a whole 1/2 the family (his kids and their kids) over in Israel which is awsome cause its a beautiful place, i miss visiting but we are all a little to wary right now to travel there
    :sad: sadly,,,,

    What else, I am a student here in Brooklyn I go to school for Psychology and for Early Childhood Education, (and i am getting special ed certification), I absolutely love children i cant imagine doing anything else with my life except becoming a teacher, I want to teach the little ones (no older then 2nd grade) i think K-1st grade is my ideal age :smile: and also since i will be special ed certified i would love to work with children who have autism or asperger's (a mild form of autism)

    (me doing a lesson in a k class)
    I am doing psychology because i am interested in it and i think a lot of psychology is important to understanding how children learn :smile: And i may one day want to do school psychology but that's up in the air :smile:

    I have lived in my same house my whole life (now i live in the downstairs part of my parents house)
    I plan to never leave just to rent the bottom 1/2 from them
    I am very very veryyyyy close to my parents we talk about everything they are my best friends :smile: and i wouldn't ever want to be too far from them!
    plus they are a bit older then most people my age's parents are (about 70 cause they didn't adopt me till they were around 45-50) and that makes me want to be as close as i can to them to help out and be with them :smile:

    I am a huge cat lover, i had my last baby from when i was 3 until 2 years ago so he was 18 when he died and it broke my heart but i knew i had to get cats right away so i got my new babies and they are the best cats ever :smile: you all know im obsessed haha :smile:

    (my old pal Tippy who died a few years back-as you saw in the tattoos one of them is his name TIPPY TIGER!)
    (my new babies the day me and my mom met them and decided when they were old enough they would be ours)
    (my babies all grown up)


    my obsession with hand bags started when i was about 15, i think a lot of it had to do with i have always been a bigger girl, not only am i Spanish so blessed/cursed haha with the curves the big bones and the booty, but then i also am heavy so put the 2 together, not so good!

    and i come from an area where everyone is white and everyone's obsessed with image and so thin is in and you are not supposed to be heavy @ all!!!

    and so the reason i say all this is because i discovered that handbags , one size fits all, anyone can look amazing with a beautiful bag, you don't have to fit into it, or get bags from special stores if you are a certain size, anyone can enjoy them all! :smile: and that for me is not common as i cant wear clothes from Forever 21, or gap, or banana republic like most my age
    and so i think that purses made me feel comfortable and beautiful cause i knew my bags were gorgeous and that people might notice them and not notice that my sweat pants weren't juicy couture! :smile:
    (wow ive never really let that out before! feels good!!)
    I used to go out a lot when i had more time, i am a big bar fan :smile: i love me some good drinks haha but now I spend most of my time doing school work it sucks i have no other time, but its good cause now going out is more of an occasion thing :smile:
    also i nanny for a sweet 8 year old girl 3 days a week when i dont have classes and she is awesome, i also nanny for another family (but only on occasion) i watch their daughter who is 9 months old who i've been watching since she was 4 days old and their son who is 3 who loves me haha so i go and am sort of a mothers helped she will take one kid somewhere and ill stay with the other :smile: love them!
    haha ok ill stop now thanks guys for reading my blabbering i hope you like my story :smile: i cant wait to hear yoours
  10. and a few final pics, of me now [​IMG]
  11. I love the star ones, especially on your lower leg. And I like the pony. But the skull scares me! LOL
    Thanks for showing us Bessie...Up Close and Personal!

    Yes, the eyeliner hurt like h#ll. I had anesthetic on but it still felt like razor blades slicing into rims around my eye. was worth it. It looks like I have eyeliner on all day long. I had the upper and lowers done. It was every bit worth the 350.

  12. haha i know the skull is a little scary :smile: i thought about maybe not showing it BBUT whatever i did :smile: hehe i think it shows just aother side im not all cartoons and stars haha but whatever

    and thanks that one you like the best is my newest one! i love it :smile:

    AND yea osrry for the GIANT HERE ARE MY MY PORES PICTURES haha i have no idea how to put tiny pictures like you did!!

    and YIKES RAZORBLADES! :smile: do u have a closeup of the eyeliner?
  13. My name is Shanon, I'll be 23 on Tuesday, and I'm graduating college in December with a degree in writing. After that? Who knows! I live with my boyfriend of 4.5 years and our two beagles. We're at that obnoxious point in our lives where we're trying to figure out where we're going and what we'll be doing, and I'm feeling quite futureless. I love dogs. I enjoy reading, writing, knitting, hiking, relaxing at home, and spending time with the people in my life that are important to me. That's about it. I'm not a super exciting person or anything.
  14. " and i come from an area where everyone is white and everyone's obsessed with image and so thin is in and you are not supposed to be heavy @ all!!!

    and so the reason i say all this is because i discovered that handbags , one size fits all, anyone can look amazing with a beautiful bag"

    I think that's a fabulous sentiment slush. :yes:
    Thanks for sharing your story, and being so open.
  15. Hi Everyone, nice to meet you all!
    Im halimah. Im 30 and I live in London, UK[​IMG]

    Im married to my childhood sweetheart. I met him when I was 16 and we got married when I was 25. We have 2 cheeky but adorable children. My daughter is 3 and my son is two...and no more thankyou!!

    I used to work in Finance (veeeeery boring! )but I gave it up to stay at home and look after my children. Im plan to go back to work when they are both in full-time school, mostly to fund my handbag-habit!!

    My dream is to settle down somewhere quiet and cosy, like in the English countryside, or even New Zealand as I hate living in the city!:yucky: However, even though my husband shares my dream, he has all the speed of a snail when it comes to actually doing things:rolleyes: . Maybe I should just buy a shell for us to move to!

    I found this forum by accident when reseaching about Koobas. I bought this bag from Morocco, [​IMG]and I loved it. At that time I had never heard of 'Kooba' or 'Sienna'. Then one day I saw a real sienna on eBay, and I was like ''Oh my God they have copied my maroccan bag!!'' Then after researching I found out that my bag was the copy!:shame: Then I stashed it away as Im not into fakes. Anyway it turned out ok because as you may know, I recently won a desert scarlett, which Im happy about because it the 'real' thing but still in the style of my fake...which I loved until I found out I was an accessory to counterfeiting! :lol:
    Now I have fallen in love with kooba. Im really looking forward to the new collection and I also really love Isabella Fiore and the unusal designs of her bags. thats me. :supacool: