Get this seasonal flap bag or wait for the perfect boy

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  1. Hi everyone, as I'm fairly new to the Chanel community, I am seeking advice. I just recently bought the filigree Vanity case in nude. The other two Chanels in my Collection are the Trendy flap shoulder bag in cream and the classic flap in black lamb with GHW in the size M/L. At the moment I am waiting for this seasonal flap to arrive, I just love the combination of the champagne HW and the beige color but I have yet to see this bag in person. I also love the fact that it can be worn crossbody and it is very roomy compared to the classic flap or for all my Chanel bags for that matter. For sure, I will eventually want to get a Boy, but not sure as to sizes but I am certain I would like it to also have the champagne Gold Hardware. Color wise I am thinking of getting it in black caviar but if there were to be a gorgeous nude color with the preferred Hardware, I would be hard-pressed to choose. Now my Question for you:
    1. has anyone already bought this seasonal bag I am waiting for?
    2. how hard is it to find a Boy with champagne Hardware?
    3. what would you do - get the seasonal flap or rather wait for the perfect Boy?
    Thanks so much for your help, I am very flummoxed atm :smile:
    cc flap.jpg
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  2. I love the color of this seasonal flap but it has a very different vibe to the Boy so if it’s the Boy you really want, I would pass on this one and wait for your perfect Boy. (Actually I find this bag style more similar to the cream Trendy flap you already own.)
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  3. This is pretty and tempting. I’d wait for the Boy
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  4. I shall contain myself
  5. you are so right - it is maybe a bit too similar to the bags I have... I must pass need a boy in my life I also just found out that they have the one I want - chevron caviar black new medium with champagne hardware.... sadly the store only has one and it’s reserved
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  6. this one 73e91e95-2966-4961-bae0-9d6f62d91c19.jpg
  7. I would wait for what you really want.
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  8. Understand from my SA this season will have iridescent black boy
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  9. OMG that sounds amazing- can’t wait to see how that looks like
  10. yes fabuleux, you are so right - as hard as that sometimes may seem I don’t even know whether they’ll receive another one and in the country I live, we only have 2 stores‍♀️ otherwise I’ll have to make another shopping trip to London
  11. Have you tried the one inside Bongenie Geneve? Several times I found they have combo not available in sole boutique. Hope you get lucky.
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  12. no I haven’t ever been there, do u also live around my parts? thank you for the advice... I am now counting my fingers it won’t be picked up on Saturday and will get the go-ahead Monday morning
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  13. Agree with everyone here but must say, that beige with champagne GHW color combo is fire!!
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    My local SA from the boutique routed me there a couple of times for some items she didn’t have. If it wasn’t her I wouldn’t realized either. It’s owned and managed by Chanel but the best part is you can use UBS key point in Bongenie including Chanel purchase. They only carry leather items if I’m not mistaken. Wish you luck finding your dream boy!
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  15. I’m on way now to pick up the boy