Get this purse... Gucci at NM!

  1. Says that item is not available when I cliked on it. Gone already?
  2. Yep, gone in 4 minutes. That's crazy!
  3. It's available now!! but not 50% off
  4. sneaky NM!
  5. i saw this bag at Saks off fifth in milpitas last weekend for around $1200
    Very cute!!!
  6. I did an online chat last night with NM, and the rep told me this bag is supposed to be marked additional 50% even though it doesn't show that discount when you add it to your shopping cart. That's if you can grab one in the nanosecond it appears on their site.
  7. ^^ so it should be 50% off 1200?
  8. According to the rep I chatted with last night, yes.
  9. I've also seen this bag at my local Off 5th (gone now though).
  10. I saw it at the san marcos off 5th too, but i don't remember how much it is
  11. Yes, I saw this bag at "off 5th" in Wrentham for about $800... seems like it'd be a better deal to get it at the outlet.