Get this or not?

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  1. Uhm...the color is interesting...I often use brown bags.
    But why hasn't anyone bid on it?
    I would, but I'm not sure. It's because of the smell?
    As for the latest rules, I can't post the link. But it is a bid starting from 450$, and no one has bod on it yet. 2006 Cognac first. Not hard to find. Please, need some advice!
  2. Just read the seller is "quilter"....Would be glad to receive a pm about the condition of the bag, I have never used LMB prducts, so I don't know what to expect from the smell...!:shrugs:
  3. Please, help me...why does no one bid on it?
  4. You should go via fleabay to pm the seller...not on tPf

  5. Yes, I did it, but still no answer...and time's running!
    Just want to know what people think about the perfume/smell that LMB products leave on a bag, because I never used them.
  6. Did you post in the Auth this thread? To me, it's looks good, and I'm thinking watchers are probably waiting till the last minute to bid.
  7. Yes, it's fine...but all I was wondering about was the smell...has anyone ever used LMB products?
  8. I've used LMB products before, and in the beginning I thought the smell was strong.. but I actually don't mind it and l like it now.. it reminds of the orange smell of "GoJo". If you don't have a sensitive nose... then it should be alright.. just my opinion... g:huh:d luck~!
  9. The LMB smell question has been asked so many times, you could have searched for it. There is no general one answer, some people think the smell is too strong, some people like it, some people don't mind it. In the end, it's up to you whether you mind your bag smelling like product or not.
  10. I've used the LMB moisturizer and I do not find the smell strong at all (and I am generally pretty sensitive to smells). Also, the smell disappears over time.
  11. Thank you girls, now I know something more about LMB...but I didn't take the bag, because at the end of April I'll be able to get my beloved white first...!:yahoo: Thanks anyway!