Get the Vaslav or Keepall **help**


Which luggage piece?

  1. Vaslav

  2. Damier Keepall 50

  3. Damier Keepall 55

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. So I might be getting my first piece of luggage this year but I keep going back and forth on the Vaslav or Damier Keepall 50. Which one is better practical wise and looks wise? I was thinking about the Damier Keepall 55 with strap too but i'm not sure i'll like how it folds when worn.

    Soo..... Vaslav? Damier Keepall 50? or Damier Keepall 55?
  2. I like the vaslav best. Its not as typical as the keepall and i like the strutured shape.
  3. I prefer the shape of the vaslav.. but the keepall might be easier to carry ? I'm not sure, I've never tried these babies on at the store !
  4. im not sure how the keepall 55 and the vaslav compare.... perhaps a 45 is a better comparison. the vaslav is rather small when compared to the keepall 55. a year ago i would have traded my 50 for a 55 in a heart beat... now, not so much. i finally can appreciate its size. if youre looking for a BIG bag, get the 55.... if not, I WOULD Shoot for the vaslav in a heartbeat.
  5. I think the Vaslav looks amazing!!
  6. Another vote for the VASLAV .... :tup:
  7. Keepall 55
  8. keepall 50 or 55
  9. The Vaslav for me!!
  10. vaslav is gorgeouuuus
  11. I like vaslav more.
  12. Thanks for responses everyone. Looks like the Vaslav is winning. I wonder if it'll be too bulky though? I do love the Damier Keepall 50 and it's around 500$ less than the Vaslav. But ergh I love both designs. Too bad I can't buy both =(
  13. Trust me, the Keepall 50 is the way to go. I am leaving for Rome tomorrow and I am taking two pieces of luggage, my pegase and Keepall 50! The 55 I found to be just a tad too big, so I ended up selling it. The 50 with or without the shoulder strap is the best. It fits just the right amount of stuff for a duffle. The vaslav seems like its just a bit too big. And nothings worse than toting around a duffle half full. The 50 is also perfect because its
    its still perfect to carry full. When you get the 55 and 60 full its a hassle to carry around, even with a strap. Hope this helps!:tup:
  14. ^^ hi thanks for the response LouieLover56, right now I'm thinking about the Keepall 50. The 50 does seem like the perfect size. The Vaslav looks pretty wide, but I'll still try out all 3 bags at the store.
  15. the vaslav is gorgeous!!