Get the two Pochettes or get the Chanel tote?


Which bag/bags should I get?

  1. Get the Graffiti and the Cherry Blossom Pochette, they are so cute, and they are ur size!

  2. Get the Chanel! It would be ur first big bag, and my first chanel!!

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  1. Hola!! :nuts:

    Okay......I have been doing extremly well in school, and my parents are letting me buy a little something...

    I was looking on Let-Trade and saw the Peach Graffiti Pochette and the Cherry Blossom Pochette. I am def. a Pochette girl, if u havent already figured out :p. I have a issue though.. My parents were supposed to get me the Chanel Cambon tote for a end-of-the-year and good grades present. I cant get both of the Pochettes and the Chanel tote though :yucky:

    Please help me!!
  2. I would go with the two pochettes -- since both are now only available second-hand, who knows when you'll be able to find both again (for reasonable prices). As far as I know, you could always buy the Chanel later.
  3. Get the Cambon the long run you'll probably end up using the Cambon tote more simply because of the size. Speaking of which, isn't Chanel discontinuing the Cambon line to make way for the Cotton Club?
  4. I usually favor Louis Vuitton,but I feel the Cambon tote is MUCH better,the two pouchettes are cute,but you will probably get more usage,and a longer shelf life with the Chanel.
  5. 2 Pochettes! And they are BOTH LE s that's a plus!!!
  6. As much as I love pochettes, I'd get the Chanel tote. It's bigger and more useful. I have the one you're talking about, I believe and it's the perfect size. Besides, the Cambon line is pretty much going to be discontinued, I believe and you won't be able to get it much longer. Plus, that's one bag I wouldn't want to buy secondhand.
  7. Normally I would say Get the LV! But I think you would get more use out of the Chanel bag and you can buy it new.:yes:
    Let us know what you end up choosing.
  8. ITA with Rebecca- get the cambon while you still can (the pochettes are going to be second-hand no matter when you get them).
  9. Its a tough choice because they are all hard to find...I will probably vote for the cambon tote though cos i probably use the tote more often.
  10. chanel chanel chanel. I think pochettes are tooo tiny .
  11. go for the chanel.....
  12. I would get two pochettes.
  13. Chanel!
  14. I'd say get the Chanel tote NEW! :smile: It'd make a nice sophisticated addition to your collection for more grown-up occasions ;)
  15. I'd get a cambon.