Get The Look: Paris Hilton

  1. [​IMG]

    !Check out her top makeup secrets!

    1.) Mystictan[​IMG] ( Don't lie in a tanning bed!):smile:

    2.) M.A.C Lipglass in Prrr [​IMG] if you've got a nice tan, you can use M.A.C. Lipglass in prr and it would make you look FAB!!!

    3.) Stila Eyeshadow Trio in Cedar Grove[​IMG] (Paris Hilton enlivens her dark complexion w/ bronze eye shadow at the 2004 MTV Video Music Awards)

    4.) Eyeliner in black[​IMG] ( LOVE IT! they are very soft & smooth)

    5.) Sephora Cheek Satin in Mauvey Pink[​IMG]( Just Smile and add Cheek satin the apples of your cheeks)

    HAPPY MAKEUP!!! :girlsigh:
  2. interesetingggg
  3. I love the Mac lipglass in Prrr, but I don't think many people want to look like her.
  4. 1. Get hair extensions.
    2. Bleach your hair
    3. Lose enough weight to look like a skeleton
    4. Reduce your IQ by half
    5. Find some multi-billionaire to support your shopping habit.

    Yeah, that pretty well covers it. :graucho:

    Can you tell I have no use for Paaaris Hot Hot Helltown?
  5. well. not everyone will agree with you in PF.
  6. i appreciate your great ideas for threads. what a fun thread. personally, i love paris hilton.. and reading this made me totally laugh, because im addicted to mystic tans, and my favourite lipgloss is M.A.C. Prrr! haha. ho jeez. i always dont leave my house without black eyeliner and bronzer on.
  7. thanks for the info.

    Im going to try Prrr (lipglass) soon! lol..I can never decide on lipgloss colors... this gives me a suggestion :smile:
  8. Here's an easy way to get the look in one palette: the Dior Girly Blossom palette that was sold this past spring. Comes with a shimmery bronzer, highlighter/cream eyeshadow (bronzy gold shimmer) and a lipgloss a tad bit darker than Purr, but gives the same pinky-full lipped mouth. I think they might have used her as a muse when designing it because she has so much of the pink Girly Dior stuff!